10 Best Apps Like Letgo To Sell Your Products In 2022

The introduction of online shopping has resulted as a boon and a curse too. It is a boon because people now do not have to go to an actual store to buy something. The problems start to occur when people spend a lot of time shopping online and also a big part of their monthly budget inclines towards the shopping. There is a need for people to understand that shopping so aggressively is only hurting their budgets and filling their homes. In this Article, You will read About Some of the best apps Like Letgo.

Apps Like Letgo turns out to be one of a kind app that allows users to refurbish their items and sell them online for making space at their home and also to get better resale value than the open market. This app emerged as a globally popular platform in 2020 for the people who wanted to create space in their homes or to get something new but did not have the money.

The app is completely trustworthy and does not charge any fee for the users to sell their items. It is just like any other online shopping platform where the buyers contact you for the product that you have posted on the internet. This also helps the people who cannot afford or do not want to buy new stuff.

Just like Letgo App, there are other apps too that provide a marketplace for the users to buy and sell used items after refurbishing them. This market is growing day by day since people are also becoming aware of how much money they are spending.

These are the ten best apps on the internet that are like Letgo and offer great deals:


5Miles - Apps Like Letgo

5Miles happens to be one of the most sought-after apps in the world as it has been able to provide a safe and secure platform for people to trade their things. It is a platform where people can upload the items that they own for sale and others can search for literally everything available locally. And It is an Only app that offers local services to buyers and sellers. It is one of the best Apps Like Letgo.

This app helps users to sell anything that they own. The users can just register on the app and all the items that they want to sell on their profile. The prices can be set as per the will and the products start to show up in the feeds and search results of the people in a limited area around the original owner. The best thing about this app is that it also contains brand new items that are auctioned off at the app.

People can enter the bids for as low as $1 and can buy useful brand new things through these auctions. The auctions usually last 90 seconds and in this time original and brand new items get sold off at highly attractive prices.

5Miles is a great platform for all the users who want to sell things that are only catching dust at their homes and get paid a good amount for them. The platform also offers highly affordable prices for refurbished items that are in good condition. Thus the app is a highly useful trading platform and is doing well on the internet.


Bonanza - Apps Like Letgo

If a person is searching for an alternative to the services that are offered by Apps Like Letgo, then Bonanza turns out to be a great option. It is an app that allows people to buy and sell everything on the platform. This app runs with a highly useful algorithm that shows up items available in the surrounding area and helps the users to purchase a thing from the surroundings and also from elsewhere.

This app runs properly all around the globe and has a large userbase currently. There are lots of people who are trading their items using this app. The app is similar to what services Amazon and other e-commerce platforms provide. The app only takes a mere fee of 3.5% per item sold from the sellers. The fee is much lower as compared to what other platforms provide.

This place is completely safe and the sellers are required to maintain good customer relations to maintain good ratings for the app as well as the seller. There is nearly everything available on this app and people can just check for what they want and buy its refurbished version for much less than what it costs for a new one.


Chairish - Apps Like Letgo

Chairish is an amazing platform for all users who want to buy unique, vintage, or artistic decor items. This app has everything from sofas sets to dining tables, wall arts to clocks, and many other things. The app allows users to sell the decor items that they have at their homes and get a good price for them. The best thing about this app is that the sellers usually list their items over the app for a price.

Interested buyers can directly contact the seller and make an offer that seems suitable to them. The work of buying and selling is completely transparent and the service of delivering the item at the home of the buyer can also be talked about.

The app allows sellers to list their items easily and keep complete track of all the people who were interested in it and also get in contact with potential buyers. For the buyers, it provides a completely safe and transparent platform to purchase a lot of things for affordable prices. The app is thus useful in many ways and people can try it out to get some cool and artistic decor items for the home.



Decluttr has become one of the top competitors of Apps Like Letgo in recent times because of the safe and easy-to-use platform that it provides. This app has all the products that a person may require listed as refurbished items. The app is completely safe and allows users to buy useful and recyclable items at a great price. The app is quite like any other e-commerce site and products have proper sections that users can browse to buy anything.

This app has been created in such a way that users can sell their items by listing them for a nonnegotiable price. Buyers get to have complete seal-packed refurbished items at affordable prices. The shipping is taken care of by the seller and the buyers only have to pay a nominal fee for the delivery at home. People can also order tech stuff like CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, etc.

All these things are available on the platform for affordable rates and are sold after all the tests are conducted. The use of this app has grown in the last few years as people have started finding quality products in the refurbished market too. Decluttr is thus a great option for people who want to get something but not spend too much on it.



The market of handmade items has been growing very rapidly all around the globe. This is a market that provides quality products that look amazing and have long-lasting quality too. Etsy is a global marketplace that is getting popular all around the globe currently because of the handmade stuff that is being sold on this platform. Any person with the art of making handmade items like purses, wall art, decor items, etc can become a merchant on this platform and sell things.

There are also things like handmade chocolates, wallets, wall hangings, dream catchers, etc that are being sold for an affordable price. This platform is a place that has been able to support small businesses quite a lot now and people are earning a good amount of money by selling things on this platform. The main benefit of this platform is that it is a place where buyers can also contact the merchant for anything that is being sold.

The shipment takes only a few days and the shipment charge is nominal too. The products sold on this platform are all genuine and are covered under a suitable warranty too. The money thus spent on this platform is not going to be wasted.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

With the increasing need for a marketplace with buyers and sellers able to contact at one place, Facebook understood the opportunity and brought up facebook marketplace as an option for the people who want to buy and sell stuff.

This is a market kind of thing for people to buy and sell things locally. Sellers can post the thing they want to sell and the post shows up in the feed of the friend’s list and also in the feed of all the people in a certain range of the seller. The best thing about this platform is that users can coordinate and contact each other while buying and selling anything.

This platform allows users to get complete transparency about the stuff they order and the shipment and quality are all taken care of by the seller itself. There are certain rules and regulations for being a merchant too and thus people cannot sell fake stuff on the platform and any kind of fraud is caught instantly. This is why the facebook marketplace is also completely safe.


Kijiji - Apps Like Letgo

For all the people who live in Canada, Kijiji is a great place to buy and sell anything at affordable prices. It is not a site only for selling second-hand items. The website allows users to sell anything that may be in demand and allows users to also post offers regarding vocational tours and rentals available. It is like an all-in-one place for all the requirements for people.

This Apps is like Letgo but for Canadian people. It helps the buyers to have all the things that they may need to be at one place and the sellers get to have a proper platform to be able to provide any kind of service that they are capable of. People can buy any grocery item, food, clothing, real estate, etc, and can even search for jobs or services required.

The sellers on this platform are completely genuine and the buyers get the liberty to contact and check the genuineness of the services by themselves or themselves. Users can also buy and sell things locally by being in contact with one another. It is thus a great place for people to get anything in Canada.


Swappa  - Apps Like Letgo

Swappa is the market leader currently in the buying and selling of all the gadgets that are wearable and can be handheld. This platform lets the users buy watches, health trackers, Bluetooth devices, gaming consoles, etc from one place. Users can also become merchants on this platform after proper verification and sell wearable gadgets at a great price.

The best thing about this marketplace is that the users get to have the best price for anything that he or they may want. The delivery charges have to be paid by the buyer itself but the price of the gadget bought turns out to be lower than anywhere in the market. This app allows users to be able to get even the stuff that may be available elsewhere. This app is getting a lot of influence all over the globe because of the low-cost genuine products that it provides.

Using this product, people can get the gadgets that they have always wanted, for a price that cannot be matched anywhere else. The app also provides a 14 days replacement warranty for anything sold and the general warranty of the product by the manufacturer is also given. Thus it is a safe and affordable platform for buying wearable gadgets and handheld consoles.


Tradesy - Apps Like Letgo

For all the girls out there who want to constantly update their wardrobe without spending too much money, Tradesy is the place to be at. This app is a platform for all the people who want to sell out their wardrobe items that are no longer in use. People can sell their styles for a great price on the platform. For the buyers, it is an amazing place as the users get to have the latest trending clothes and another wearable item for around 70% discount than what they would be paying for in retail.

The guarantee of the items being completely safe and in good shape is given by the seller and also the app. Users can buy and sell stuff at the platform very easily and can keep changing their wardrobe now and then.

Using this platform is quite easy too and is also becoming a go-to place for getting the latest trending items. The app provides quality products to the users for a very affordable price and this is a great place for any buyer.


Vinted - Apps Like Letgo

Vinted is also a platform for users who want to sell their wardrobe items as they are no longer in use. But the change on this platform is that the buyers get to check the product with real images of them and they can even contact the seller directly to get the quality confirmation.

This platform is heaven for all the girls and fashion enthusiasts who want to have a nice wardrobe and constantly want to try out different styles. People can also opt for an in-person product check if the seller is in the range of the buyer. The platform is completely safe and provides high-quality wardrobe items to buyers.

Sellers can easily post anything that may not be in their use any longer and get a great price for it. The buyers get the product delivered to their homes for a minimal delivery charge. This app is thus a great place for both sellers and buyers who are enthusiastic about fashion trends.


Platforms or Apps like Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, 5Miles, Bonanza, Tradesy, etc are great places for all the people who want to buy and sell their second-hand items or get things at very affordable prices.

The internet is growing with every passing day and thus people do not have limited options available to buy something that they want. Similarly, people can also sell things out easily that are no longer in their use and get good payment for them. These are some of the platforms that make this job a little easier for people.

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