10 Best C2C Marketplace To Use In 2022

With the current evolution of online shopping, there is now an option to sell the clutter in the house that one may have. There are lots of websites and applications that allow users to sell their used items to clear space and also to earn some money from the things that they may never want to use again. With the increasing stress and tension about budget management every month, people are now trying to learn about all the options that they can have to save money or to earn money sideways. Apps Like OfferUp is a global platform that helps people to sell things that are no longer in use.

Most of the time, a household contains quite a lot of things that are not used for quite a while and are just taking up space. Such things can be of use to others and thus can be sold at attractive prices on second-hand product selling websites and apps. This app helps people to find a platform for selling items that are only taking up space. The app provides a user-friendly platform for people to list and sell the items in their region. The best thing about this app is that it has supported all over the globe and people can easily register on this platform and trade their items.

Along with Apps Like OfferUp, there are various other apps too that help people in buying or selling their old stuff. Such apps can be used by people to clear up the space in their house and also earn a decent amount of money by selling old stuff.

Here is a list of apps Like OfferUpthat can be used by people to sell their used goods:


LetGo C2C marketplace

LetGo is one of the biggest second-hand shopping platforms all around the globe as it has been able to provide a good quality platform to people in buying and selling different items. This app supports the selling of all kinds of second-hand items and can be used by people to sell their used stuff to people around them.

This app was founded by the former CEO of OLX in 2015 and just after two years, it was able to touch the market cap of One Billion Dollars. It is a great app for people who want to sell things that are no longer in their use. One has to just download the app and register on the platform with proper address details. Users can then list the items they want to sell on the platform at a price that they want for it. Also, Check Letgo Alternatives For more.

The next thing that happens is, interested buyers, contact the person through chat or call, and then the two people can come to mutual norms. This helps to keep transparency between the seller and the buyer as both can be sure about getting the right thing. The app also provides all the legal support to both, the seller and the buyer, if any kind of fraud occurs. The app has strict guidelines for scammers and regulates the ads on the app. LetGo is thus a great app for people who want to sell their used items for quite a reasonable price.


LetGo C2C marketplace

eBay is a multi-billion dollar e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell used items too. It was launched back in 1995 and was primarily a platform to sell first-hand products. After a few years of gaining a name in the market all around the world, it also started the services to let users sell their used items on the platform. The app is extremely easy to use and offers customer-to-customer services along with business-to-customer services.

This platform is available in more than 30 countries and the users in all of these countries are happy and satisfied with the services provided on the platform. It charges a nominal fee to list any item for selling on the platform but also provides scamming insurance to the sellers in case of any kind of fraud. The buyers can download and register on this app for free and buy things at the price that is listed by the seller.

It is an easy-to-use platform and allows users to generate income by selling used goods at affordable prices. There are new products available on this platform too for the users who only want to buy new things. eBay is thus a great option for people who want to sell their stuff and get a good amount of money for it.


OLX C2C marketplace

OLX was the first company in India to offer the service of selling used items online. The app was first launched in Nigeria back in 2012 but was not much of a success until it entered into the Indian market. The app is now working in more than 45 countries and offers users to sell anything that they have in extra. It helps the users to list their used items for free and sell them at the price they like.

The app has a user-friendly interface and does not charge anything to the sellers or buyers. The buyers can just download the app and buy anything from the listed items. The sellers have to just register on the app and list the items that they want to sell. The next thing is to add a price tag to the items and then buyers can contact the seller if they are interested in buying. Both buyer and seller can then do the trading after proper negotiation.

The best thing about this app is that it allows proper fact checking from both ends. It also has a user protection service where it keeps tracking any kind of fraud or illegal services being published on the app. This app is highly useful for people and is able to provide a good price to the sellers for their used items. Currently, the app has also started supporting the listing of various services like a job hunt, real estate hunt, etc.


Craiglist C2C marketplace

If a person has lived in the USA for quite some time, then he or she has the knowledge about the Craiglist app. This app was founded back in 1995 and currently holds the position of 72nd best e-commerce app around the world and 11th in the USA. This app was founded to provide Americans a place to sell the used items that they have which are of no use to them.

During the recession, people were selling their used items to get a good amount of money for them and Craiglist was a great place to sell second-hand items. The best thing about this app now is that it now offers all kinds of services from real estate to discussion forums. Anything that comes with a price tag can be listed on this platform. It is properly regulated too and people can find anything that wants on it.

For the buyers, there is a list of things that appear on the screen with a price tag. They can then contact the seller and buy the product after negotiation (if possible). Craiglist is now available in over 70 countries and also supports around 10 languages. It is extremely easy to use as buyers and sellers both do not encounter any issues over the app. It is a great marketplace for people who want to sell used items for a reasonable amount of money.


Recycler C2C marketplace

Just like OfferUp Apps, Recycler is an app that was launched with the main objective of helping people sell things that are no longer in their use. This app is a market for all the items that have been used but are in great condition. The items sold over this platform are all properly refurbished and people can list their items for free on it. Just like Craiglist, people can sell their items for a prescribed price on this platform and can contact the buyers personally.

This app provides a completely safe and easy-to-use platform to buyers and sellers alike. The items that are listed on this app are all verified and the buyers can get them at their homes after getting in contact with the seller. This app also provides a platform to publish various job offers or list the services one can provide. It is like a complete business place for all the people and offers all this for free.

The user interface of this app is pretty intuitive too and both buyers and sellers can use it very easily. The app has become popular around the globe and is now in more than just one country. Users can register on this app to buy and sell both. The best thing about this app is that it helps people to sell the items pretty fast as its advertisement mechanism suggests the items for sale in many feeds in the area. It is thus a great platform to sell used items.


Listia C2C marketplace

Another app like Yerdle is Listia which has become one of the most successful indirect business models around the world. It is an app that can be used to sell stuff and be free of the clutter created at home. The sellers can earn credits for the same value as the product sold and this app credit can be then used afterward in getting anything for free.

It is a great app for all people who want to clear the space in their house. It is not exactly a place to do business as it does not provide real money to the sellers but provides store credits that can be used to buy something else from the app itself. The app is really easy to use and provides a safe environment for both, the seller and the buyer. The buyers do not have to pay any kind of service fee for buying anything, just the shipment fee and the actual price of the product bought.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace C2C marketplace

Facebook launched the service of the Facebook marketplace some time back and it has become a great place for people to sell the stuff that they no longer use. This section of Facebook can be used to list the items that are no longer in use and then sell them locally or ship them to a friend who buys them.

It is a safe and transparent place for the buyers and the sellers too. It is a great mixture of both social media and the market both. Using this app, anyone can sell the things that are no longer in use and get paid properly for them. The best thing about this marketplace is that it offers the option to sell stuff locally or to someone in another city too.


SocialSell C2C marketplace

Just like the above-mentioned way to sell used items, SocialSell is also an app that works as a social media app as well as a way to sell used items. This app helps the users to connect just like social media apps would but also provides a market to sell the stuff that is not of use at home.

This app lets the users create an ad for the stuff they want to sell and then publish it on the app globally or locally. The app provides an easy way for buyers and sellers to interact with each other and trade things properly. It is thus a really useful apps like OfferUp to sell used items.


A lot of people find it difficult to be able to locate a thing they want when they are in a different city or a country. A similar issue is faced by the sellers too when they are unable to do proper promotion of the products that they are selling. This is something that the Close5 app was able to resolve when it was launched on the internet.

It is an app that helps sellers to list the items they want to sell and sell them locally. It is an app made for local trading only as it searches for the availability of things in a prescribed radius when any potential buyer searches for it. This app has been able to promote a lot of local businesses as it helps buyers to locate the things that they want in their locality. The sellers are not limited to selling just new items, they can even list their used items on the app and mention it is second-hand.

This app has an easy-to-use interface and provides a safe platform for both, buyers and sellers. It is a great way for users to restore the business balance locally as it gives tough competition to big e-commerce websites. This app has become popular in a lot of countries. Sellers can list their items for free on this app and it appears on the feed of all the potential buyers within the range of the seller.


This app is a platform to sell used items but it is completely different from what the normal reselling platforms are like. It is a platform that offers app credits for all the items that you sell using this app. To explain in simple terms, the whole process can be said to be a method of indirect business. The app works in such a way that it does not charge any kind of fee to the seller for listing or selling items on this app.

And for the buyers, it does not take any kind of service fee either. The way these app works is that when a seller sells anything through this app, he or she earns Yerdle credit of the same amount as the item was sold. The item’s price is also determined by the software of this app according to the condition and the popularity of the product.

The credits given to the seller can be then used to buy anything from the store and this credit works similar to the currency. This way the app works is more like an indirect business model. The app earns revenue from the money paid by the buyers. It is thus a great app for people to sell stuff online and get anything they want in return for the same value as the product sold.


The above list has been created after proper research about the platform available to sell used things. The apps mentioned above are the best among all options available and can be used to sell the things that a person is not using anymore and wants to earn some money from. These apps are completely safe and are trusted by millions of users around the world. Some of these apps are pretty famous and thus have already earned a lot of trust from the users.

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