10 Best Sitcom Shows Like Community To Relish Weekends

The Community follows the story of a community college and the people who study there. It is needless to say that the college is not a normal one. It is filled with people who have unique traits that make us laugh at every moment of watching the show. Dan Harmon has given us an amazing show that manages to tickle your funny bone. The Community for a long time has been one of the favorite comedy shows for many people.

There isn’t any other show that manages to replicate the Community but there are some which come pretty close with their plot and the type of comedy they have.  In the list below we have complied all pf those shows which we feel will be suitable to your taste if you have liked The Community.

Here is the list of the 10 best Shows Like Community in 2022.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek- Shows Like Community

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Schitt’s Creek has been making waves on the internet and for good reason. The show has amazed huge ratings and is seen as one of the best comedy shows of the present. Just like the   Community, the show focuses on the comedic aspect of things which revolves around a group of core characters. The characters of the study group have been replaced by the members of a family.

The show revolves around the lives of these members as they shift to changed surroundings. The series was extremely popular with many of its fans claiming it to be one of the best comedy services of this generation. The fact that the series was able to use the elements of comedy to their support has helped them to bring something new to a genre of television that is seen as overcrowded.

The series shows the life of a family that has recently lost its fortune. The family finds out that a small town which they had bought as a joke is the only thing they have left. They have to leave their life of wealth and move into the small town. The part of the show that captures the attention of the people is how a grave subject is presented entertainingly through comedy.

The challenges they face as a family that has lost their wealth creates comedic scenes which makes it one of the best in this segment. In the show, you will see your favorite characters go through a lot while maintaining a comedic nature to their actions. You go through a whole lot of emotions with them which creates a bond between the viewer and the characters. Schitt’s Creek is a show you must watch if you like the Community.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

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Ever heard of Pawnee, Indiana? If you have not heard this name, certainly, you have not watched Parks and Recreation. The show is based on the fictional city of Pawnee Indiana. The show is based around the characters who work together at the local parks department in the city. To say that they show is witty is an understatement. The writers have worked to ensure all of their characters have something unique to offer to the plot of the story.

The show progresses slowly through the main plot but this is the same with any show in this particular segment of television. When you start watching this show you will be intrigued with how the characters respond to different situations.

The quirkiness of each character adds to the quality of the show. Parks and Recreation is a show which you can spend hours watching and not have any track of time. The show manages to trap you into binging on a series of episodes which is a sign of any good series. While they do focus on comedy you are supplied with a good dosage of romance to ensure that the show is anything but monotonous.

The Office

The Office Movie Poster

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The comedy-drama genre is incomplete without the addition of The Office. The Office is one of the most famous shows on this list. The show was able to get people addicted to the type of comedy they witnessed on the show. The show is one of the heavyweights in this segment with the amount of fame and acclaim they have received. It is one of the most beautifully written pieces of comedy.

The show lasted for 9 seasons and left the fans asking for more. Throughout the 9 seasons, you will never feel as if the episodes are fillers. Each episode has managed to make a progress on the main storyline while keeping us engaged with their funny acts. Sometimes you have to question how the writers came up with these scripts and it is simply hilarious. All of the characters have their own set of qualities and comedic nature.

Even the smallest characters and guest appearances have made a big impact on the show. The show revolves around the employees of Dunder Mifflin which is a paper company in the US. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott is one of the best characters of the series. You will find him doing outrageous things throughout the show. John Krasinski brings some sanity to the dysfunctional office but manages to employ humor through his antics.

The show has a cult following. The 9 seasons have made people fall in love with the characters and get used to their sense of humor and quirkiness. The show does not try to force humor on you and maintains a good balance of humor and Comedy. The series is a great light-hearted show which will be to your liking if you found The Community to be interesting.

The Good Place

 The Good Place Movie Poster

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Many ask how you can bring changes and stand out in a genre that is filled with some of the top series of the decade. One way to stand out from the rest is to change the setting of your series. The services take place in the afterlife. This was one of the most significant ways in which the show manages to make a meaningful impact on this segment.

The show is based on the idea that after death the people are sent to the afterlife. Their afterlife depends on how they spent their life. The show managed to get a new concept that was different from the static settings which were shown on many of the other shows of this genre. The main character of this show is Eleanor. She finds herself being placed in the afterlife where people who had been extremely good throughout their life had the opportunity to go through.

She soon understands that there must have been a mistake and that she does not deserve to be placed in that group. While trying to figure out the changed circumstances she tries to ensure that their identity of not being exceptionally good is not revealed to others around her. The show gives the audience quite a few good laughs. You should try and give this a watch after The Community.

The Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley - Shows Like Community

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If corporate humor is your thing, then The Silicon Valley is the show made just for you. As the name suggests, The Silicon Valley is based around some programmers who want to make a name for themselves in the hard-fought Silicon Valley. But as we know Silicon Valley is not one of the easiest places to make your career. the show makes us go through the lives of these programmers as they find ways to become significant in Silicon Valley.

These individuals have to battle it out against the other corporations and programmers. The show delivers everything you expect from a workplace comedy-drama and manages to exceed many expectations.One of the biggest things which could have become an issue was the technical side of the show. The technical words used had a chance of making the show only for people who are programmers in real life.

However, the writers and the director have been able to make the show a good watch for everyone. While knowing all of the technical jargon it has makes it better, you will not be missing out on any laughs due to the lack of knowledge of such jargon. This satirical show manages to show the realities of Silicon Valley while ensuring the flow of good humor throughout the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Shows Like Community

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

A show about a police precinct does not sound like the most appealing idea for a comedy show. Many first-timers think that the show will not be any good and refuse to give it a watch. We urge you to not be a part of that group of people. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest shows we have watched.

We were sure that this show had to make our list. This show has got everything that you need to make it one of the finest shows in this genre. The popularity of the show surges every year and there was a point where this show was saved from cancellation by its fans.

The dynamic characters add to the plot of the show and make it more enjoyable. To have a great comedy show you need characters who have substance and whose personality the show can feed off for comedy. This is present in ample amounts in the show. The show follows the daily happenings in a police precinct in Brooklyn.

The precinct is led by Captain Raymond Holt and his team of fine detectives. Each of these characters helps solve crimes that come to them but in the most comedic ways, you have seen. Each of the characters has developed their distinct personalities and seeing them clash on stage makes for a great watch.

While they are a show about cops they in no way do glorify the role. The show has been outspoken in its support for various social causes and has incorporated them into the show. Their antics will keep you entertained while you follow their journey throughout many seasons.


Superstore - Shows Like Community

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Superstore is a show which took time to rise to fame. Many people visit supermarkets but no one thought to write a dhow about it until Superstore. This show manages to reimagine a genre and brings something new to the plate. The show manages to bring an innovative new workplace to this genre. Instead of a corporate office which is one of the most prevalent backdrops, they have opted for a supermarket and it has worked in their favor.

The show manages to make you laugh every few minutes with the level of satire they bring to the forefront. The show is made enjoyable by the different characters who have their quirks and characteristic traits. The store can be seen as a place where people with unique personalities combine to create a great show that is Superstore. SuperStore should be on your must-watch list if you have been someone who enjoys the types of comedy shown in the community.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development Movie Poster - Shows Like Community

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Arrested Development is a show about a family which is dysfunctional, to say the least. The members of the family have their priorities and they are accommodating of others. They are a wealthy family who has lost all of their wealth. This causes chaos and turmoil in the family.

When they realize that all of their money is gone that is where the show begins. It follows their daily lives where they are clashing against one another. Micheal who is the older brother ha the responsibility to keep all of them in check and it is much more difficult than it sounds. The show is seen as one of the funniest shows of the decade. You will have a lot of fun watching this family deal with their issues in the funniest ways possible.

A.P. Bio

A.P. Bio - Shows Like Community

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Many people miss the community college set up which was at the core of The Community. The background of the college was integral to the show and added so much to the story. This background of a college has not been replicated much in this genre.

One of the shows that manage to replicate this background and use it as a basis to build upon their show is A.P. Bio. This show will take you back to the college days of The Community. A big similarity which can be found in both of the shows is the personality of the main character. Both of them are quite similar in terms of their behavior. Being boring is the last thing that happens in this show. The show manages to keep the audience laughing throughout the show.

The show follows the life of Jack Griffin. He is an AP teacher in Ohio. the character is as wacky as it gets. This leads to tons of comedic scenes and funny moments which makes the show memorable. The teacher has a persistent need to be better than his rival and in fulfilling this need, you see some of the wackiest moments that you have seen in a show.

It’s always Sunny In Philadelphia


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What happens when a group of oddballs decides to run a bar. Chaos ensues and you get It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia. This show was released in 2008 and has become the longest-running live-action in the US. This great feat achieved by the show goes on to show the steady audience the show has built. The people who have started watching the show stay attached to it for years. The group runs an Irish bar and when working over there it creates a great stage for comedy.

The show has a star-studded crew who are great actors on the screen. They have been able to embody their characters well. The actors manage to make the show feel like real life. The choice of characters allows the audience to relate more and have a better experience. The audience gets t watch actors who are the best suited for these rules to take to the stage and deliver a great comedy show which is certainly a fan favorite.


Many people like to watch funny shows. It allows them to spend some time away from the emotionally heavy subjects and indulge in a laugh. The Community provides us with many great scenes and memories with the amount of comedy they have performed. They have ensured that all of their science have a fun time and enjoy the comedic performances shown by them.

The other shows we have suggested follow the same route. They have light-hearted humor woven into their shows. While some of these shows use humor in a subtle way others are much more open with it. While they are comedy shows they in no way compromise on the storyline or the integrity of the characters. These shows ensure that the characters remain true to their part and that the storyline is not compromised when trying to be funny. This list has a great collection of shows which you should watch.

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