10 Best Thriller Movies Like Peppermint To Watch In 2022

 Movies like The Godfather, Titanic, Wolf of the Wall Street, etc have had a pretty large base ever since they were launched. There is a whole universe of movies when it comes to superheroes like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC cinematic universe. But apart from these mainstream movies, certain movies are called classics and have caught the attention of a lot of people. The movies like Peppermint have become one of the most liked and watched movies of all time. 

Peppermint turns out to be one of the few female-led adventure mystery movies that have gotten such a huge success. This movie starts on a slow tone but once it picks up, it can boggle up the minds of the viewers in a lot of ways. The movie is about a woman who goes on a rampage after finding out the truth about the death of her parents. The movie portrays Jennifer Garner as a merciless vigilante who wants revenge after her parents’ death.

This movie shows how a mild-mannered girl can transform herself into a ruthless killer for the people whom she loved the most. She finds out and kills the members of the gang that was responsible for the murder of her parents. This movie is thus a perfect entertainer as it provides a complete plot for the attention of the viewers and moves at the perfect pace. 

Just like peppermint, there are several other movies too that have gotten quite a lot of fame for the genre that they portray and also because of the acting and storyline. Some of the movies just like Peppermint are also described ahead for the people to read about and check them out.

Here is the list of the 10 best Movies Like Peppermint.

A Vigilante 

A Vigilante  - Movies Like Peppermint

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The recent times have been able to portray a lot of shots and scenes with utmost precision because of the enhancement in the VFX and the graphics. Thus movies have been able to get a lot of benefits because of it. A Vigilante proves to be one of the movies that make use of the graphics to bring out the depth in the story at another level. The movie was released in 2018 and is said to be one of the best vigilante-based movies to be ever created.

The movie was directed by one of the best in the genre, Sarah Daggar-Nickson. This movie revolves around the plot of a woman who was abused by a lot of men and was made to go through hell for a large part of her life.

She then decides to overcome her oppressors and kills the men who abused her. The lead cast Olivia Wilde portrayed all the emotions beautifully and her acting did justice to the story and the main character. The woman then turns into a vigilante for other women like her and finds out the bases of the men who abuse women, kills them, and frees the women from her cages. This movie is completely thrilling and adventurous and does not bore the viewer at any point. It is thus worth watching. 


Taken  - Movies Like Peppermint

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Taken has turned out to be one of the most successful movies in the genre of movies like it and Peppermint. The movie has been able to do so great that it got two sequels and also a TV series based on it. The movie is the career-best of a former dramatic actor, Liam Neeson. Before the lead role in this movie, Liam was said to be the character who was comfortable playing dramatic roles but after his performance in this movie, he was found out to be more thriller and action-oriented.

The movie is based on the main character as a CIA agent whose daughter was kidnapped in Paris. The movie is not like a normal vigilante-based movie but shows what a father can do for his child even in foreign lands. 

This movie has been directed by the Peppermint fame, Pierre Morrel, and is a great work of art from the director. The main character goes on a rampage to save his daughter and as the story unfolds, the movie turns out to be action-packed, thrilling, and full of emotions. All in all, this movie is a complete package for people who like movies like Peppermint. 

The Punisher 

 The Punisher movie

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Marvel has a character that does the job of a vigilante and provides ruthless justice to the people who harm others in many ways. The movie was released in 2004 and was not initially thought to turn out to be such a great success.

Thomas Jane’s acting as the main character of the movie was more than just fabulous. He did justice to the character of Punisher completely and not only him, the kingpin villain of the movie made it such a success. The villain was portrayed by John Travolta and was a big task to be defeated by the hero in the movie. The movie is not like any other marvel superhero movie with the hero having too much power and the villain getting easily defeated.

It is more oriented towards the willpower of a man who wants justice to prevail and turns to be a vigilante for providing justice to people. The movie was taken forward by a short TV series too and has gotten a great fan base too. The movie is thus worth watching and is great for all the people who won’t watch a vigilante-based thriller from marvel. 

The Equaliser 

The Equaliser 

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Daniel Washington did an amazing job in making the 80s TV show character come alive in the movie and thus get such a fan following for the movie too. The Equaliser is a movie that was released in 2014 as a movie adaptation of the show that was aired in the 80s. The movie is based on the character of a man who finds his true calling in being a vigilante after being a very different person his whole life.

Daniel portrays the character of a man who was the government’s fix-it man and was used to doing the things that could not be done with the public knowing. After he retires from this service, he finds his life’s true calling to be the man who becomes a vigilante and protects the people who cannot defend themselves.

The movie is packed with a lot of action and the main character does a lot of things to make the movie completely worth watching. It is a movie that shows a lot of insider things from the underworld and thus is a great option for a Sunday watch. 

Death Wish 

Death Wish 

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

There are two movies by the same name but have different characters and a different timeline. The movie talked about here is Death Wish from 2018. The movie is starred Bruce Willis and is a sequel or adaptation of a movie released by the same name in 1974. The original movie was based on a coal miner with the body of a wrestler who was startled by the death of his family and turned into a vigilante to avenge them.

The plot in the recent edition has been kept the same but this time Bruce Willis plays the character of a doctor with not so masculine body becoming a vigilante to take revenge from the people who murdered his wife and sent his daughter into a coma. The movie is not so simple as the man here is not a hunk but is a doctor.

The main character plays smartly here and tries to avenge the things that happened in his life. The movie has much more firepower than the previous one though and is thus a complete action thriller. It entertains the viewers and is a complete package to watch with the family. 

John Wick 

John Wick (2014) - Movies Like Peppermint

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Keanu Reaves has been the actor who delivers his best in every role that he has ever gotten. The man has proved himself time and again. John Wick is a complete franchise that runs on the name of this single man. The first movie was released in 2014 and is not much of a vigilante movie. This movie is based on not picking up a fight with the wrong man. The first movie goes with the same genre as Peppermint as here Keanu Reaves plays the role of John Wick who was once a hitman whom the underworld feared.

He had retired from the role as a hitman and was left alone with a dog gifted by his wife and a car after her death. One day the car was stolen by the kid of a mafia and the dog was hurt by him and his gang too. The movie portrays how a single man can do anything for something he loves the most. He goes out on a rampage and fights the whole mafia gang and kills that guy who stole the car and hurt his dog. The movie seems a little too much on the description of the plot but the story, the acting, and the screenplay of this movie are all perfect. It is a complete action package for people and is worth watching, 

Rambo: Last Blood 

Rambo Last Blood  - Movies Like Peppermint

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

This movie was released in 2019 when the main lead of the movie, Sylvester Stallone, was in his seventies. Even after being so aged, he portrays the role of lead cast better than the young actors of the present time. This movie is a complete thriller movie and is a sequel to previous movies by the name Rambo. The movie is based on avenging the closed ones and giving proper guerrilla justice to the ones who harm the main character’s closed ones.

The character played by Sylvester is kind of a lone ranger and goes on a revenge hunt after one of his pseudo relatives was kidnapped by a Mexican gang. The movie shows Sylvester in his complete power and the guerrilla way of doing justice.

The movie turns out to be a proper portrayal of how a single man can bring down a completely ruthless gang. It is by far the best movie in the series and the movie completes with a gory end that the previous movie viewers would understand completely. As a conclusion for this movie, it can be said that it is a movie that can be watched on weekends and is a complete package for entertainment. 


Colombiana  - Movies Like Peppermint

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

For all the fans of Movies Like Peppermint, this movie does the perfect justice as it is set in the same tone as the other movie. The movie was released back in 2011 and has been considered as one of the best vigilante movies ever in the movie industry. The movie shows how a kid can learn and train to avenge her parents. In the movie, Zoe Saldana portrays the character of a young girl whose parents were killed by a gang.

In an attempt to take revenge, the girl moves from Colombia to Chicago to learn the skills of an assassin and train to be a killer. After 15 years of training, she finally sets off on the hunt for every person who was in the gang that killed her parents. She destroys the whole criminal empire that was responsible for the death of her parents. The movie is directed perfectly by Olivier Megaton and has become one of the most liked movies in this genre. 

The Brave One 

The Brave One  - Movies Like Peppermint

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Released in 2007, The Brave One is a completely different character portrayal from the Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster. This movie is a way of showing her skills as an action-packed star and has been one of the stepping stones for actresses to get the main role as an action star. This movie is based on a woman who was attacked on the streets of New York and since then started to feel powerless and unsafe.

Inspired by these feelings of hers, she decides to become a lone vigilante to provide justice to people like her. The movie also provides a sidekick to Jodie as the co-star Terrence Howard portrays the cop that helps her and adds to the action in the movie. The movie is like Death Wish in terms of the plot but has a completely different level of acting and screenplay. It can be thus recommended to people who want to get entertained and watch an action-packed movie. 

Dead Man Down 

Dead Man Down - Movies Like Peppermint

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

For all the people who want to read the plot of the movie before watching it, this is going to confuse you as the movie has a lot of twists in the plot and the viewer will enjoy them as he or she watches the movie. The first thing great about this movie is that it has great action stars in it. The main lead is Collin Farrell who plays the role of Victor who is a ruthless hitman for the most dangerous crime lord played by Terrence Howard.

The crime lord orders victor to kill his right hand’s wife and daughter and with the attempt to do so, he earns himself a dangerous enemy. Now the character of Beatrice played by Noomi Rapace turns out to be the mysterious danger who first seduces victor and tries out to kill him. The movie is all based on vengeance and killing the one responsible for it all. The movie is filled with thrill and suspense and is definitely worth watching. 


The movies mentioned above are all from the same genre as Peppermint. These movies have been able to earn a huge fan base since their launch and have also given a new direction to some of the actors in the lead role. These movies are filled with all the action that one may want to watch and have a lot of suspense along with the thrill of watching. The Listed  movies can thus be concluded to be a great watch for the people who want to be entertained. 

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