15 Best & Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai (2022)

Dubai has unlimited options when it comes to having a luxury-filled trip. It is the 12th richest country in the world and holds some of the most valuable resources on Earth. It is only natural that a country as exuberant and full of opportunities should offer some of the most exciting leisure activities as well. Yacht rental in Dubai is by far the most popular service in the city.

Tourists who visit the city from all over the world make it a point to include this in their itinerary. Many beautiful sightseeing spots throughout the Gulf coast can be viewed through a Dubai Yacht Rental. However, many great companies rent out yachts in this city. Every yacht and every journey comes with different features. So it is best that you read about them and then make your decision.

Best Yacht Rentals in Dubai


Charterclick - yacht rental dubai

CharterClick comes first on our list because of its massive popularity and appeal. All mentions here have a very wide range of yachts to choose from and Charter Click is no exception. Perhaps their winning feature is that they are highly customer-oriented. When you visit their website you can customize every detail through their simplified search box where you can select the start time, duration, number of passengers, and more.

They list out their hottest offers with amazing discounts at the beginning itself. You get yachts with free birthday setups, seasonal offers, fishing cruises, luxury cruises, etc. You can also pick their prime yachts that are among the lushest yachts in Dubai. From average budgets to highly expensive ones- they cater to everyone.

Jane’s DMC

Jane’s DMC - yacht rental dubai

Jane’s DMC can be the highlight of your next vacation in Dubai. The luxury yacht rental Dubai options in this place begin at AED 400. They have recently started options for advanced bookings that come with added advantages like discounts. If you visit the site you can directly get in touch with them through the live chatbox.

They are a part of Jane’s Global Destination Management Co. They also specialize in Yacht bookings, water sports, birthday parties, yacht party Dubai, and more. Their luxury yachts come with several options. These include- 36 feet speed boats, 43 feet luxury yachts, luxury yachts in 45 feet, 50 feet, 52 feet, 55 feet, 66 feet, and more.

The largest luxury yacht goes up to 96 feet. You will be given basic amenities with just the booking fee. However, in case you would like certain features, food, beverages, etc. then you only have to pay a small extra amount. They have the most extensive small yacht rental Dubai options to consider if you are traveling with a small group.

Nanje Yachts

Nanje Yachts - yacht rental dubai

Nanje Yacht has been a successfully running company since 2015. They are well-known among Dubai yacht services with small to large yachts sizes available for rent. This yacht charter company Dubai has received a certificate of recognition from the city government itself.

Their services are exemplary and they have the best record in this service. They offer customers various options under private yacht, luxury yacht, birthday party, general party yacht, fishing yacht, wedding yacht, etc. If you travel with them you get the luxury of being with a highly trained crew, complimentary service staff, and even luxury car transfers.

Among other features, you also get 24 hours service throughout the year. They own the largest fleet of private yachts in all of the U.A.E. so you can trust their expertise. They offer redundancy yachts in case there is a malfunction. This feature is hardly available anywhere else. Without a doubt, they are the best known Dubai Marina Yacht service.

Easy Yacht

Easy Yacht - yacht rental dubai

If you are looking for a memorable yacht trip with your loved ones in Dubai, then this place could be the option you are looking for. They are a prime luxury yacht rental Dubai service. Their highlight includes their fishing yachts that come fully equipped with the best equipment and trained personnel to guide you.

They can give you packages for a few hours, one day, and multi-day packages as well. They also offer luxury transfers at the point of departure for proper commutation and convenience. Your yacht will have all the essential amenities, great catering services, and special additions that can be made on request.

The prices start at 500 AED an hour. Their yachts include the Mermaid (36 feet) and Captain’s Queen (44 feet) which hold ten people. Next, you have the XT Sea and Sea Breeze with a capacity of 18 people. The Magix holds 35 people, The Lady of Sea can host 45 guests, and the Al Khan can host 50 guests. There are various other options not mentioned here that you can check out on the site.

Book Yachts

Book Yachts - yacht rental dubai

Book Yachts is among Dubai’s most trusted online rental places for yachts. If you book a yacht from them you will be able to get high value for cost with award-winning yacht services. They provide birthday party yacht rental in Dubai and are a prominent name among yacht charter Dubai companies. They also provide sunset cruises, luxury yachts, and family gathering specials. You can also plan a fishing cruise with them.

Their packages include birthday parties that start at AED 1899, fishing trips at AED 1599, romantic cruise at AED 1799, Dubai Marina Yacht Tour at AED 1200, Canal Cruise at AED 3199, Dinner cruise costing 300/ head, and festival cruises as well. You can WhatsApp them or call them to get more information on details. If you want to include water sports in your yacht trip then they can arrange that as well.

Champion Yachts

Champion Yachts - yacht rental dubai

Champion Yachts is a premium yacht service that has been operational in Dubai since 2009. They are Dubai’s most exotic yacht service with the sole motive to ensure you have the most luxurious and comfortable time in your life. Here, you will be able to get superior quality yachts with certified staff and crew along with maximum safety.

Their features include high capacity yachts, well-furnished rooms, a music system, on-demand kitchen services, and other amenities. They have many packages to pick from for people planning a special occasion. Some highlights include bachelor parties, honeymoon, wedding cruises, reunion parties, and birthday parties.

Other than this, they will also support the adventurer in you with packages for water sports, film and photography, fishing cruise, or specialized requests. Also, you can visit all the prime locations along the coast if you simply wish to tour.

Centaurus Charter

Centaurus Charter - yacht rental dubai

Centaurus Charter has been working for about 8 years now. During this time they have acquired high experience in customer service, diverse demographic needs, and luxury provisions for different customers. You can get in touch with them via their site, WhatsApp, through the mail, or call.

You will have an unrivaled yachting experience if you choose to pick this company. Their prime yachts include the 55 feet Vassia, 58 feet Etosha, 56 feet Lagoona, 61 feet Silver Creek, and many more. All of their yachts come with indoor living facilities, recreational facilities, dining options, great catering, basic amenities, an advanced cabin crew, and professional expert guidance.

Their yachts have a sleek design and beautiful interior to make for a perfect stay. You also get barbecue facilities, party packages, corporate event hosting, and many entertainment services. They also have a special private yacht rental that starts at AED 200. They have served over 35000 guests till now- a whopping number for a young rental in such a short time.

Cozmo Yachts

Cozmo Yachts - yacht rental dubai

Cozmo Yachts are a must-have experience for anyone who visits Dubai. If you want a luxury yacht experience in Dubai then you do not need to look any further. We are sure that you will have an everlasting experience with this company- whether you want a romantic getaway, a big party, or a somber family celebration.

They know how to make the ambiance perfect for any occasion and they have a wide range of options to pick from for different occasions and groups. They have different options under birthday party rentals, fishing trips, celebration yachts, sunset cruises, get-togethers, water sports, corporate events, romantic occasions, etc.

If you want to set up a special occasion that has different needs and requirements, then they can easily arrange that for you. They provide yachts from highly venerated brands including Azimut, Sea Breeze, Carnevali, Fairline Squadron, and many more. Rest assured, once you are with them- you are with the best.

Elite Pearl Charter

Elite Pearl Charter - yacht rental dubai

Elite Pearl Charter is a well-known private luxury yacht rental in Dubai. With them, you will have the finest yacht experience of your life. Whether you are looking for a private luxury cruise, or a luxury yacht to hold an event for a large group- they will be able to provide it all.

They have the best prices in the city that offer maximum value for money. Moreover, they take care to prepare their yachts in the spirit of every different event to help you get transported to the world of your dreams. Yacht party in Dubai is their forte and they can ensure you have the biggest celebration of your life. They provide a wide range of services. Elite Pearl Charter can help you host corporate events and informal celebrations.

They also provide adventure cruises that include watersports, fishing, and more. Other important facilities include private helicopters, luxury car rentals, celebratory events, etc. You can pick from their extensive catalog as per your specific requirements.

Boattour Dubai

Boattour Dubai

This is another great service that you should consider when planning your trip to Dubai. The service was started quite recently in 2017 but since then it has grown to gain a prominent place among competitors. Since they are fairly new, you will most likely get some amazing discount offers more often than anywhere else.

They have some amazing packages too that can be availed at minimal costs. These include the Dubai marina boat tour, deep-sea fishing charters, speed boat tour, Burj Al Arab Boat Cruise, and more. If you want a simple evening getaway for a couple of hours then you can check their sunset cruise as well.

They also provide yachts for parties and big events or gatherings. You can also get a special package for Palm Island and Dubai Canal. They even rent out private boats at some of the cheapest prices starting at AED 90. Their biggest yachts can hold as many as 300 guests.

Seven Yachts

Seven Yachts

Operational for the last 7 years, this is another fresh entry on our list. Despite its newness, Seven Yachts has established its presence in the market and are known to be one of the most luxurious yacht services in Dubai. They operate in the most desirable marina in the country- the Bvlgari Resort and Residences. They have affiliations with the well-known Sunseeker and Benetti Yachts who are known for their fine design luxury yachts.

Moreover, they have a highly trained crew with amazing experience and a passion for the sea. You will have the most memorable experience with this company. They offer fine dining, water sports, fishing yachts, and romantic cruises, among various other offers. You get add-ons like jet ski, sea bob, donuts, paddleboard, and banana boat as well.

Aquarius Yacht

Aquarius Yacht

Aquarius Yacht is located in the very heart of the Dubai marina. They are a premium yacht service with versatile options, amazing services, and a wonderful sense of the sea. Also, they know exactly how to make an event memorable and will ensure that you have a great time.

They offer about 12 premium luxury yachts that you can pick from. You can pick between their 52- 115 feet long super-yacht that is made with fine craftsmanship and have a lush interior. They can easily pick out the yacht, the activity you wish to pick it for, and the desired choice of menu from the site itself. You will get the friendliest crew and support staff with Aquarius Yacht and you are bound to make memories that last a lifetime.

Lsb Charter

Lsb Charter

When it comes to exploring waters in Dubai, nobody does it better than Lsb. They provide so many water adventure options that it is difficult to state it all here. Of course, they are a great option for people who want a luxury yacht experience. With their vast fleet, amazing crew, and experienced sailors- they will make sure you have a wonderful time when you visit the sea.

You can rent a yacht, a boat, large cruises, go fishing, or engage in various water sports. They also provide additional services like catering from ODH, onboard barbeque, transportation facilities, festive decorations, fishing and watersports equipment, etc.

Dubai Yacht Booking

If you are looking for Elite Rental Yachts in Dubai, then this place will suit all your needs. All their packages include the crew and your skipper at zero cost. They provide unlimited drinks at the booking cost itself. Their premium yachts include the Diamond which is 48 feet long, White Diamond which is 55-75 feet.

There’s also Diamond Jacuzzi which is 95 feet and a Black Predator which is 95 feet. They pride themselves on providing the most exclusive chartering experience in Dubai- and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. They manage some of the highest quality yachts in U.A.E. These are some highly expensive and luxuriously built cruisers that you will remember all your life.

They have many other features including an on-deck DJ, an extensive menu, jet ski facilities, barbeques, and more. They also have many special event yachts that will give you everything to make your day memorable. People who book this get VIP service, a private chef, and much more starting at 5000 AED.

Yacht Rental Dubai

This is another Yacht Charter company in Dubai with a host of features, wonderful facilities, luxury yachts, and more. They have the most responsive customer support with 24×7 availability, a live chat feature, and more. Also they have an online inquiry form where you can fill in any details you have questions about to get a specified answer.

They have some very big yachts to pick from- some that can include as many as 300 people in one go. You will even get a personal salon, an in-built swimming pool, bar, and jet skiing options! They are among the few companies that also offer Whatsapp support during bookings.

This company has some highly diverse options to consider. In terms of facilities too, Yacht Rental Dubai is an absolute game-changer. Their yachts have beautiful interiors, their menu is carefully selected and prepared by highly experienced chefs. You can get the complete taste of luxury in a few hours with this company.


If you are out having fun in Dubai- do not miss out on these wonderful options listed above. If you have gone through the article, you must know that Dubai has it all figured out for you when it comes to yachts.

From big and small celebrations and corporate events to romantic getaways, sigh-seeing cruises, and watersports- you will find everything listed in the options above. If there is something more that you would like to find out, do leave us a comment below!

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