4 Solutions For Petite Users With A Tall Desk

If you are a petite person you may have experienced problems in getting the right clothes or furniture that is suitable for your height.

We have observed that the majority of petite computer users do not have a properly-sized computer desk .

A Standard Desk Doesn’t Work For Everyone

A standard desktop ranges between 27 inches to 30 inches from the floor. This is too high for petite users. It’s even a bit too high for users of average height.

It’s essential that you use a desk that is the right size for your body. Even spending one hour in an uncomfortable position is too long and working for eight hours a day at a desk that is not the proper size can be detrimental to your health. And cause variety of problems like shoulder pain, back pain and neck pain.

Do you need a solution for working at a desk that is too tall? Here are some to consider. We will give you a variety of options that will work for every budget and lifestyle.

4 Solutions For Petite Users With A Tall Desk

4 Solutions For Petite Users With A Tall Desk

Take care of your body. Don’t try to use a desk that doesn’t fit your frame. Here are some solutions on how petite users can use a standard/tall desk. 

Solution #1: Purchase a medium height chair with a 5” cylinder and a footrest.

Pro: Your seat height will be raised enough for you to type comfortably and your feet will no longer dangle with a Footrest.  Mainly, this is an inexpensive solution.

Con:  A.The footrest is not a stable platform. Since you don’t have your feet grounded on the floor, you don’t have command of the chair and you may end up using your arms and shoulders to move closer or farther away from your keyboard. 

         B. This is a solution if you primarily sit during your workday. But please note that sitting during the entire workday can cause serious health issues.  Although it is the least inexpensive solution, it’s also the least desirable because of these reasons.

Solution #2: Purchase a low height chair with 4” cylinder and an under desk keyboard tray. 

Pro: Compared with solution #1, the Keyboard Tray will allow you to move the keyboard closer to your lap, which will relieve some of your arm and shoulder pain. A 4″ cylinder will also be most suitable for a petite person as he/she can sit with feet comfortably flat on the floor.

Con: This again is a sitting dominated solution and sitting all day is not healthy.  So, feel free to read our previous blog on Tips For Staying Healthy.  

Solution #3: Purchase a low height chair with a 4” cylinder and a desk converter.

Pro: Having a Desk Converter is an excellent solution and affordable. It brings the keyboard below the desktop and allows you to sit or stand to work.

Con: Fine-tuning to a perfect working position may be difficult if the monitor is not adjusted to your eye level.

Solution #4: Purchase a low height chair with a 4” cylinder along with sit-stand desk, and a monitor arm.

Pro: It’s important to be able to alter between sitting and standing while working. Having a Sit-Stand Desk is a great solution for this reason.  Also, having a Monitor Arm will allow you to make micro-adjustments to align your monitor to your eye level as well as adjust the keyboard height to your appropriate typing height. 

Con: This is the most costly solution.


When you think of how many hours you spend at your desk, don’t you think you deserve to have one that fits you well?

Consider one of these four solutions to make sure you are sitting in the right position for your body. A desk converter or a sit-stand desk that allows you to either sit or stand is the best solution for petite users. 

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