5 Unique College Degrees for Future Business Owners

Acquiring a college degree prior to launching a business can prepare you more for the challenges you may face down the road. A college education is able to equip you with both scholarly and real-life skills that you can apply in any business environment.

While many individuals choose to pursue popular degrees in business, finance, or economics, there are plenty of other, more unique degree choices that can still give you a competitive advantage. Check out these degree options below.

Popular College Majors for Future Business Owners:

Paying for Your Degree

The first concern that many have right away is how to pay for an undergraduate degree. If you are thinking of taking out loans, you can look at your options. While some choose to go with traditional governmental loans, others consider borrowing from a private lender. These lenders often offer better rates and have more flexible repayment options.

Knowing that you will have more room to repay once you graduate can take the stress away so you can focus on starting your business afterward without pressure.



A psychology degree teaches you everything you need to understand about the user or customer behind your future product or service. After all, today’s business world is customer centric, as many consumers expect personalized and relevant products that are tailored to serve their unique problems. Plus, you can learn more about the psychology behind your niche and competitors.

Knowing these skills will especially help with the marketing and advertising of your business field, two huge factors in business success.

Environmental Science

One of the most unique options is an environmental science degree. You can gain deep knowledge about sustainability issues that affect the world, as well as the current and future environmental problems.

As the subject becomes more prominent in the 21st century, you can start a business that is relevant to current issues, finding unique ways to provide solutions. You can even consider becoming an eco-entrepreneur, starting a business solely dedicated to bettering the environment itself.

Graphic Design

A graphic design degree offers you versatile skills that relate to many businesses’ current, contemporary technological design. At the same time, there’s still a need for illustrations by hand, especially to stand out among other companies.

If you have an artistic or creative flair, having these skills behind you works as a fantastic competitive advantage. You can offer unique and stand-out websites, social media pages, brochures, pamphlets, and company logos. Having these interesting designs can make the difference between a customer who decides to choose your business over another one.


Finally, you can look into acquiring a communications degree. Starting a business requires continuous interaction with customers, colleagues, shareholders, and competitors. Understanding how to communicate successfully is particularly useful for sales and gaining investment opportunities.

Moreover, utilizing good communication abilities will help you run your business smoothly, as you will know how to keep employees happy by developing an open dialogue. You can also use your degree to work your way up to being in a bigger leadership position down the road.

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