5G O-RAN standalone with multivendor RUs tested by NTT and NEC

As a result, the system was transformed from a 5G NSA system into a 5G SA system using the same5G CU/DU hardware. Since the 5G CU/DU can also accommodate existing NSA, the unit can be used to flexibly and quickly upgrade a 5G network.

The two companies aim to introduce the 5G CU/DU for DOCOMO’s SA services in order to further expand its 5G services.

The SA system enables network operators to flexibly provide servicesthat take advantage of 5G features, such as eMBB (enhanced MobileBroadband), mMTC (massive Machine Type Communication), and URLLC(Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications), enabling support forthe diverse demands of 5G, including the enhancement andsophistication of solutions for corporate customers.

Furthermore, as the lineup of interoperable 5G base station devicesexpands through multi-vendor connectivity, coverage areas can beflexibly designed according to the number of users and services bytaking advantage of each vendor’s strengths. This is expected toenable the rapid deployment of 5G coverage areas.

DOCOMO and NEC will continue to verify the performanceof 5G CU/DU, and aim to introduce new units to DOCOMO’s commercialnetwork, resulting in expanded 5G coverage with sophisticated basestation equipment that enables superior 5G service.

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