6 Most Popular Steelcase Office Chairs

Steelcase is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers on the planet. Founded in 1912, this brand has been successfully supplying office furniture and accessories around the globe for over a century. Like the rest of the world, we have fallen in love with Steelcase Office Chairs here at BTOD.com. Reviewing, refurbishing, and sitting in these chairs at our office has become a daily practice for us and if you’re looking to find a Steelcase chair for yourself, we’d love to help. In this blog, we’ll cover the six most popular office chairs from Steelcase and how we feel about them.

If you’re looking for a new office chair and would like something high-end, Steelcase is a great brand to consider. In our reviews at BTOD, most of the Steelcase Office Chairs rank high in categories like back comfort, seat comfort, and ergonomics and are heavily used my employees on regular basis.

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Most Popular Steelcase Office Chairs

  1. Steelcase Leap v2
  2. Steelcase Gesture
  3. Steelcase Amia
  4. Steelcase Think
  5. Steelcase Series 2
  6. Steelcase Series 1
  7. Final Thoughts

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Starting price: $1,037.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com

The Leap v2 is the flagship ergonomic chair from Steelcase that continues to set the standard as the pinnacle of ergonomic seating. This chair starts at around $1000 when properly equipped and has spectacular value for its price ($599.99 refurbished at BTOD.com). The Leap features the beloved four-way adjustable armrests that are featured on high end Steelcase chairs and are favorited by all at BTOD. It also includes a contoured seat and backrest that hugs you while you’re sitting in the chair. To follow that up, it has one of the most intuitive lumbar support systems of all chairs on the list. The Leap ranked at the top of our review lists for seat comfort, back comfort, and arm comfort, so it’s safe to say it was well liked in our office.

The only real complaints that we’ve received about the Leap v2 are that the seat can feel a bit thin to some and it’s not a great option if you’re a person that likes to rock back and forth while working. Another recommendation that we have is that the height adjustable lumbar system is a bit pronounced, so if you go with that option it is something to be wary of.

Starting price: $1,217.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com
Steelcase Gesture

The Gesture is one of Steelcase’s flagship high-end ergonomic chairs and the most expensive option on this list. Starting at $1,217, the this chair is equipped with tons of ergonomic adjustments. Of all the features of this chair, the armrests may be the most impressive and easily the most adjustable of all the chairs on this list. The cantilever design makes it easy find the ideal spot for arm placement while maintaining the ability to move around as you please.

Other than the armrests, this chair features many adjustments that make your sitting experience very customizable and comfortable. Starting at the backrest, the Gesture is equipped with a height adjustable lumbar so you can be precise with where you’re getting back support. Also, the seat slider function is unique designed to allow you to adjust the seat depth while you are sitting down by simply rotating the knob.

The seat pad on this chair is fairly firm, so if you like chairs with more cushion in the seat, this may not be the chair for you. Even with the lumbar system involved, the backrest on this chair doesn’t offer quite as good of support as the Leap v2.

Starting price: $777.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com
Steelcase Amia

The Steelcase Amia chair is probably the closest in comfort to the Leap v2, and is a great option for an office chair starting around $800. A BTOD favorite, the Amia ($503.99 refurbished at BTOD.com) has a backrest with live lumbar support that looks simple from the outside but is very robust internally. The backrest offers good support with height adjustable lumbar to fine tune the fit to the user. It features four-way adjustable armrests that are loved by Steelcase fans and provide optimal comfort and functionality. In comparison to the other chairs on this list, the Amia offers a bit more support in the tailbone region. With that being said, this chair offers great support and adjustments, it’s just not quite to the level of the Leap v2.

If you’re looking for negatives, you’ll find that it doesn’t offer depth adjustable lumber which allows you to adjust the intensity of the lumbar support. Also, the tilt lock only has upright lock or free recline options.

Starting price: $773.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com
Steelcase Think v2

One of the most aesthetically pleasing chairs to look at, the Steelcase Think pretty big size jump from the Series 2.  When equipped with a mesh back, adjustable lumbar, and four-way arms, the price of this chair starts at around $800. While the size is larger than the Series 2, the extra price might not be worth it with the ergonomic adjustments it features. Positively, the four-way adjustable arms are very similar to the Leap, Amia, and Series to, with a slightly different unique shape. Also, the Liveback technology provides an adjustable lumbar so that you can fine tune the adjustment to your personal liking. The recline mechanism has a weight-activated system that is a bit more intuitive than the Series 1 and 2 chairs. Finally, this chair provides a fully upright lock, midway lock, weight activated recline, and boost recline, which allow a lot of different options for recline comfort.

Overall, this chair is a nice option, but for the price point, it might be tough to pick this over the Amia. With that being said, it is a great looking chair and does provide ergonomic functionality.

Starting at $558.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com
Steelcase Series 2

The Series 2 is a step up in quality from the Series 1 and feels a little bit closer to the Amia. A major positive about this chair is the four-way adjustable armrests that are made from the same material found on the Leap and Amia. Also, the optional headrest that comes with this chair provides good support in all positions and is comparable to the gesture. Finally, there are backrest upholstery customizations you can make on this chair that will bring the price up around $550.

Similar to the Series 1, you only have upright or weight active recline or boost recline, so you are limited in recline functionality. Another potential issue with this chair is the firmness of the seat. If you’re a person who prefers more cushion in their seat, this may not be the chair for you.

Starting at $486.00 + Free Shipping! Buy on Amazon.com
Steelcase Series 1

The Steelcase Series 1 is the least expensive option in the list of most popular Steelcase Office Chairs. There is a lot of ergonomic value behind the price of this chair as it features a lot of ergonomic adjustments compared to other chairs in its price range. These include four-way adjustable armrests that are similar to the more expensive Steelcase Leap and Amia. While these adjustments are good to have, they definitely have a cheaper feel than there more expensive counterparts. This chair is also lacking multiple tilt lock positions, meaning you only have upright or weight active recline or boost recline.

While this chair is ergonomic, it is somewhat small for an office chair and probably wouldn’t be ideal for larger users. Of the six chairs on this least, this is the least popular in the office.

If you’re searching for a widely adjustable, ergonomic chair, there’s a good chance that one of the six most popular chairs from Steelcase will be a good fit. Depending on your budget or specific wants and needs, you should have a good chance of finding what you’re looking for with a Steelcase office chair.  If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at BTOD.com or check out our YouTube channel for more information and videos!

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