7 Signs You Need to Visit a Computer Repair Store

The average lifespan of a laptop is around five years, with some desktops able to last even longer. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience problems in that time — that’s just the estimated lifespan until it needs to be replaced.

During that five years, or however long your computer lasts, you will likely come up against some issues.

How do you know if you can fix them yourself, or if you need professional help?

Some more minor issues can be handled with DIY fixes, but other times, you’ll have to visit a computer repair store. Here are five surefire signs you need a professional to deal with the issues at hand. 

1. You Just Can’t Get Your Computer to Speed Up

After a couple of years of having your device, one of the common computer issues you might experience is a slowdown. It happens to almost every computer at some point, laptop or desktop, and there’s often an easy fix.

Try clearing out your memory, restarting it (rather than just putting it into sleep mode), and minimizing the programs you have open.

If none of this is helping, it could be a deeper issue with your computer and you might need to take it to a professional.

2. You Hear Strange Noises

One clear sign you need a computer repair service is strange noises coming from your computer.

If you hear weird noises coming from your device and can’t pinpoint the issue, it’s a bit of a risk to take it apart yourself to look. Computers are made up of many components, and you might make the problem worse if you go poking around.

If there are strange noises, it’s likely a hardware issue and this usually does take a professional to fix it. Don’t make the issue worse, and take it to a computer repair store right away. 

3. It Overheats

Overheating is a huge issue in computers that can damage them. Computers have fans inside which work to keep the system cool but often, they don’t work hard enough.

Use common sense with this one though! If your computer is getting hot because you have it on a soft surface while you run Adobe Photoshop and the latest high-quality game, on a computer that isn’t even made for gaming, it’s going to get hot.

However, if you aren’t putting it through too much and it’s heating up, it might need to be looked at. This goes for the charger heating up too much too. 

4. It Shuts Down Frequently

If your computer randomly shuts down once every couple of years, it’s probably not anything to worry about. However, you shouldn’t brush off a computer that shuts down frequently.

Some people are put off getting it checked out because of the potential cost of computer repairs. If you keep putting off this issue, you risk the computer one day shutting down for good, and you losing everything on it.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, get it checked out the moment it starts shutting down frequently. Chances are, you’re saving yourself money in the long run. 

5. Your Laptop Won’t Charge

If your laptop won’t charge, there could be an issue with the charger. You can troubleshoot this by trying to use another charger with the computer.

If that works, you just need to replace the charger.

If it doesn’t, there’s an issue with the port or battery. This is another issue where there’s a difference between computer hardware and software, and the former is the one that should almost always be looked at by a professional.

Some laptops have batteries that pop in and out, and are easier to replace. Other computers — such as Apple MacBooks — have inbuilt batteries and you shouldn’t go messing around in there if you aren’t familiar with them. 

6. There’s a Blue Screen

The blue screen of death is something every computer owner dreads (though it’s actually changing to black). If you use a Windows laptop or PC, it means there’s been an error, and it often renders your computer unusable.

This fault is so big that you definitely need to get it looked at by a professional. If you mess around, you could end up losing all of your data as well as having a broken computer. 

7. It’s Been a Long Time

If you have a myriad of smaller faults with your computer, it might just be time to get it looked at by a professional. If it’s been a few years, those smaller faults could be ready to turn into bigger ones, and it’s better to keep up with computer maintenance than wait until there’s a big fault.

A computer repair store will be able to check the health of your computer and keep it optimized to work its best for you. It’s never too early to get your device checked on and start backing up your information. 

If You Experience This, Time to Try a Computer Repair Store!

If you experience any of these faults, or it’s simply been a long time, it’s time to contact a computer repair store. A computer will only reach its full potential lifespan if it’s taken care of and brought in for repairs when necessary.

Computers are expensive, so it’s worth taking care of yours. Fixing a computer is usually easier than having to replace it, so don’t fear the costs!

If you need reliable and dependable computer repair in Tucson, contact us today at Computer Revival. We’re happy to provide a consultation or diagnosis to see exactly what’s wrong with your device. 

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