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Disclaimer: It might sound like it.. but I am not directly sponsored by for this article. I just really like them. That being said, I am affiliated with them and the links in this article are affiliate links. That means that if you use my links and buy something, I may earn a couple pennies.

By now, has really established itself as one of the best go-to stores for ready-to-ship custom mechanical keyboard parts as well as highly anticipated group buys. I was first introduced to Drop back in ye olden days when it used to be called Massdrop. I was very impressed with their CTRL line hotswappable keyboards – very well constructed and packed with some amazing features. I still have not found a keyboard with better looking RGB.

Drop is also well known in the community since it was one of the first larger companies that adopted a group buy model to crowd fund exclusive and limited keycap sets and cases. These days Drop is still going strong with group buys but also carries a wide variety of custom keyboard parts and accessories, ready to ship. They are now also available on Amazon. I personally believe that they are a key player in bringing custom mechanical keyboards into the mainstream. So… I wanted to revisit Drop and do a complete Drop mechanical keyboard build log! All of the parts were purchased from Drop and you can purchase them too through my affiliate links throughout this log!

I decided to build this keyboard in exchange for an awesome aquarium setup by Hooked Reefs (their site is still in development so I will come back to link them!). Hooked Reefs specializes in breeding rare coral for saltwater aquariums – Hurray! Another expensive hobby… Of course, since he is the ocean man, I decided to go with an “ocean”-themed keyboard. I chose a smokey translucent case that can show the onboard LED clearly and some translucent switches to go along with it. You get it? Because water is clear, right?

And of course, would it really be an ocean/reef themed keyboard without a CORAL keycap?! The keycap was created by Dwarf Factory, one of my favorite artisan keycap makers. In my opinion, they are very underrated considering the craftsmanship and creativity they put into their keycaps. More details to follow!

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