Console bundles and restock subscription paywalls are shady — here’s why

Normally, I would be setting my sights on them, but their behaviour is being somewhat encouraged by the shady retailer practices of only offering console bundle deals and hiding their restocks behind subscription paywalls like Walmart+.

Daylight robbery

The most recent restock has happened over here in the UK at GAME, and as you can see from the bundle options available, they are significantly pricey at a time when energy bills are skyrocketing. Alongside that, these bundles artificially inflate the price of the additional accessories and games included in them, which just seems problematic to me.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Let’s do the math on a couple of these. The PS5 disc edition bundled with a red DualSense controller and 3D Pulse headset comes in at £604.97. If you buy these elements separately, the cost would tally up to £591. That’s a £14 premium put on top by GAME by hiding behind Recommended Retail Prices (RRP).

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