EM-30/36 e.MMC-5.1 Embedded Storage Solution

Swissbit’s embedded storage is a robust, reliable, and cost-efficient memory solution for embedded applications

Swissbit extends its range of embedded storage solutions with its EM-30 e.MMC-5.1 solution. The BGA package is optimized for most demanding industrial and automotive applications and available in capacities from 16 GB to 256 GB. Its 3D TLC NAND price point combined with a smart set of features supports long lasting data integrity and reduces the total cost of ownership. If the maximum possible endurance of the NAND is to be used, Swissbit offers the EM-36, a variant preconfigured in pSLC mode, which is available with capacities between 5 GB and 80 GB.


  • Embedded systems
  • Automotive: infotainment, ADAS, instrument clusters, video recording
  • EV charging
  • POS/POI terminals
  • Factory/industrial automation
  • Routers and switches
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Medical systems

more information: https://www.swissbit.com/en/

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