EPC2067 40 V, 409 A(pulsed) eGaN FET

EPC’s EPC2067 is a 40 V eGaN FET for state-of-the-art power density

The EPC2067 from EPC is a 40 V, 1.3 mΩ (typical) eGaN FET with a pulsed current rating of 409 A in a tiny 9.3 mm2 footprint. This device is ideal for applications with demanding high power density performance requirements, including 48 V to 54 V input servers. Lower gate charges and zero reverse recovery losses enable high-frequency operation of 1 MHz and beyond, at high efficiency in a tiny footprint for state-of-the-art power density.


  • High-frequency DC/DC converters
  • BLDC motor drives
  • Sync rectification for AC/DC and DC/DC

more information: https://epc-co.com/epc/Products/eGaNFETsandICs/EPC2067.aspx

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