Full Wave Rectifier Using Single Supply OPAMP

This is a Full wave rectifier project built using MAX44267 dual OPAMP which provides true zero output with a single supply. The circuit converts Bipolar/AC input into full-wave output. CN1 is provided for sinewave input, CN2 helps to connect the power and output. Operating supply 15V DC, D1 power LED.

The MAX44267 precision, low-noise, low-drift dual operational amplifier offers true-zero output that allows the output to cross zero maximizing the dynamic range of an ADC and increasing resolution. In addition, the input common-mode range extends from +13.5V down to -12V. The MAX44267 integrates charge-pump circuitry that generates the negative voltage rail in conjunction with external capacitors.

Full Wave Rectifier Using Single Supply OPAMP – [Link]

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