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The entertainment industry today is growing at a very rapid pace because of all the cravings for movies and the TV shows that people have. With the growing levels of stress and anxiety, TV shows and movies have turned out to be a great way to escape and freshen up the mind. TV shows were not such a big thing earlier as people could not wait to see different episodes as they aired on a daily or weekly basis. In  this Article, You will read About some of the best Shows Like Power.

But today the TV shows industry is growing as big as the movie industry because of the enhanced levels of acting and the story depiction. Shows like Money Heist, FRIENDS, The Vampire Diaries, etc. have become the favorites of people all around the globe. This show is one of the most watched TV shows around the world and it has quite a lot of audience.

This show has been able to speak to a lot of people in an indirect way. The cast of this show has done a fantastic job in depicting every emotion and delivered an outstanding performance in the whole show. This show is about the uprising of a drug mafia and how he does different things to get to the top of the ladder.

This story portrays the life of James “Ghost” St. Patrick who runs a nightclub for the legal depiction but was a drug kingpin. The story is about different things related to him and a lot of other concepts. Just Like Shows like ‘Power’, there are several other shows that the fan base of Power may love.

Here is a list of ten shows Like Power that are just as thrilling as this show.


McMafia movie poster

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This show was released in 2018 and is a great adaptation of the novel by the same name. This show has been able to grab the attention of all the people who love shows about organized crime. The novel for this show was written the British Journalist Misha Glenny. The show grabbed attention all over the world because of how it depicted the world of organized crime.

The show is based on the craving for freedom from the organized crime of the son of a British Crime Kingpin. This show portrays the struggles of the guy in escaping the world of organized crime and has an excellent story along with great acting and direction.

The show is worth it for all the fans of Shows like Power as it fits right into the thriller and action genre. The show has two seasons and is available on over the top platforms. McMafia is a show that has been adopted perfectly from the original novel and thus is portrayed properly. Every person who has watched it suggests it to others as it is fun to watch and has a great story too. This series is thus a must-watch for all Shows Like Power fans.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders movie poster

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Released in 2013, Peaky blinders is a great show for all the crime thriller series lovers. It is a series that was based on the events of the 1920s in England. It is mostly about the rise of a mob gang led by Thomas Shelby who not only looted the civilians but also led a lot of crimes against the governance. The best thing about this series is the acting of the character of Thomas Shelby.

This series is recognized by every person around the globe and is one of the most watched shows. The show contains epic dialogues, great cinematography, and epic screenplay. Even if it is made in the present era, it portrayed all the scenarios of the 1920s perfectly and the retro effect added to the perfection of the series. This show is thus worth watching for everyone who is a fan of thriller shows filled with suspense and crime story.

This series has won a lot of awards too and thus is suggested for everyone who has not watched it. Peaky Blinders has become one of the greatest series especially because of the cinematography in the series. This series has earned the name for itself currently. The show has 5 seasons and each season contains only 6 episodes. For all the people who want to watch a shows like Power, this is the one to watch.

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire movie poster

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Boardwalk Empire was first premiered on HBO and is said to be one of the best Crime Drama Shows around the world. This is a period of crime drama and is set in the late twentieth century. This show is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, this show has been able to depict the involvement of politics in crime.

It is a show that portrays how the politicians are the ones that help run most of the crimes in a city and try to be depicted as clean and spotless in front of the public that votes for them. This show is portrayed in Atlantic City where the main character of the show is a politician. The shows runs on the hunger for power inside this politician.

The name of the main character in the series is Enoch Thompson and he runs a political campaign alongside the run for an increase in power. He takes the help of organized crime to get the upper hand and roams around spotless in public. The show is about playing on both legal and illegal sides to build a strong political influence. It is set in the prohibition era and the cinematography has done complete justice to the story.

The best thing about this series is the acting, screenplay, and direction. This series has been able to set the bar for a crime thriller very high for other TV shows. The series was first aired in 2010 and ended perfectly in 2014. This show is definitely worth watching for all the people who love crime thriller movies.


Ozark movie poster

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If a person is looking for quite an underrated crime thriller show, Ozark turns out to be one of the best choices. This show is a great option for all the people who want to watch how crime can get instilled into you and what one may not like earlier may become an obsession.

This show is based on the power and hunger for money inside of a criminal gang. It was released in 2017 and was so good in depicting the story that it is compared to the classic; Breaking Bad. This show portrays the story of a couple with the man being a financial planner. The couple lives a pretty normal life until one day the man is dragged into laundering $500 million for a drug lord.

The show portrays the fear and the suspense of a normal couple and the change in the character of a good man. It is a great show to watch and some of the scenes do require a lot of thinking. It is an addictive show and is worth it if you ask anyone who has seen it.

The show is labeled as one of the best even by CNN. The show smartly portrays the entry of the drug cartel into the life of a simple financial planner and then the story just keeps on running with its pace. For all the people who watch shows with suspense related to crime, this is fun to watch series and must be on the ‘to watch’ list.


Narcos movie poster

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Released in 2015, it is the one show that every crime thriller genre fan has watched once or twice in life. This is the kind of show that is not at all okay to miss. The show portrays the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar who lived in Colombia and ran the drug cartels around the globe. It is the story of a single man who terrorized the government of the whole country and even the CIA of America was not able to counter him.

The man had more money than the top billionaires of the world and is considered to be the most dangerous criminal of all history. The story is about the rise and fall of this man. It shows how the man hit a secret jackpot as he came across a special cook for a different kind of drug. The drug then became famous all over Colombia and the man took over big cartels. It is a fun show to watch and has all the emotions and the screenplay required to do justice to such a thrilling story.

This show was so much in demand that after the Mexican version of it was launched already, the English version was launched too. The show is currently on Netflix and for every person who wants to watch a show that thrills him or her to the very core then there cannot be a better choice. It is a great show to watch because of the acting and the story that it has. The facts in this show are all real and they make the show even better to watch.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad movie poster

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If you talk about the best crime thriller show in the whole world, Breaking Bad must come first in your mind. This show is everything required to blow up the mind. It is a great show to watch and it easily makes you get addicted. This show has an excellent screenplay, great direction, and over the top class acting. However, It has won a lot of awards all around the globe and is considered to be the best in this genre because of it.

However, This show was first premiered in 2008 and is currently available on Netflix. The show portrays the life of a simple high school chemistry teacher who wants to live a good life. The man gets to know about his terminal illness and then thinks about what he is going to leave behind for his family. This single craving to leave behind enough for the family makes the man use his genius brain and make the best quality drug.

The drug soon becomes popular all around Mexico and the story shows how a simple man turns out to be one of the biggest drug cooks and dealers in the whole country. The main character, Walter White has been portrayed perfectly by the actor and some of the dialogues are now memorized by the fans of this show. It is a show that needs to be watched by every person no matter the genre he or she likes.

The Shield

The Shield movie poster

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This show has premiered in 2002 and is one of the most watched retro TV series based on unorganized crimes. The show has a lot of violence and a clear depiction of all kinds of crimes happening in the USA. This show has great cinematography and even better acting.

The show portrays the power of a cop and how his life’s mission can be to stop all kinds of crimes. It is based on the story of a cop and his unit to make sure that all the crimes happening in the country are reported and taken care of. The show has been able to fetch quite a lot of awards for the script that it has and the amazing acting of the lead cast.

This show has deserved the spot on the must-watch list as it sits right with the league of shows like breaking bad. It is a show that can be seen solely for the thrill and the suspense that it has to offer. People are loving this show even today even though it ended in 2008. The show is currently available on over-the-top media apps and needsto be watched by every crime drama fan.


Gamorrah movie poster

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This Italian show has been one of the most watched crime-based series for a long time now. Even though it is an Italian series, it is loved quite a lot by the audience and is definitely worth watching. The series has an exciting story which is paired with excellent screenplay and even better direction. The cast has done a smooth job in providing one of the best crime drama series to the world.

The series is about the run for power amongst the drug cartels and the politics that runs between the cartels to be at the top. It is mainly about the character named Ciro Di Marzio who is a member of the Savastano clan which is one of the highest-ranking drug cartels in the country. The show is all about internal politics and the main character dodging them all off amidst the civil war between the cartels.

This show has a great story and the scriptwriting has been done amazingly too. The character of Ciro has been aimed at finding out the dangers of the drug cartel world and dodging them all off to be safe and stay at the top too. The show has such great acting and story that it needs to be on the must-watch list of all the crime drama fans.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos movie poster

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This show has been the recipient of nearly 21 international awards across categories for the amazing show that it is. This show is one of the most watched crime dramas as it ran for 8 seasons starting in 1999 and ended in 2007. It is one of the best alternative to shows Like Power.

It is based on the need for the mental help of a crime lord. This show runs around the main character of Tony Soprano who is an Italian mobster. The show is mainly about the main character trying very hard to find a balance between and personal and professional life.

After losing to find this balance, the mobster goes for psychiatric help and the show then takes quite a lot of turns. The whole story is just too vast to be added here but one thing can be said for sure, it is a must-watch for all the crime genre people.

The Witcher

The Witcher movie poster

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Released in 2019, The Witcher is not exactly a crime drama show but it needs to be on the list for the shows that are needed to be watched by the fans of the crime drama genre. The show features Henry Cavill and is based on his life being a Witcher.

The show portrays the hunger for power that Kings have in a rather magical realm. This show has a lot of violence and a lot of suspense too. The rest of the things can be cleared only if a person starts watching it. Thus it is a must-watch for all the people who love a suspenseful and thriller show.


The above list of shows contains all the best-rated shows from the crime and suspense genre with best alternative to shows like Power. These shows are worth watching because of the acting, the screenplay, and the direction done in them. These shows are full of entertainment and one may become a complete fan of these after he or she watches them.

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