Herman Miller Embody Office Chair: Is It Worth It?

The Herman Miller Embody is one of the most expensive ergonomic office chairs from one of the most famous brands in the world. Here at BTOD.com, we are often asked if we think the chair is the worth the expensive price that Herman Miller charges. Of course, depending on your wants and needs, this answer will vary for anyone looking into purchasing this chair. This blog will cover the pros and cons that come with buying the Herman Miller Embody so you can make an informed decision on if this is the right chair for you.

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Herman Miller Aeron: Is It Worth It?

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When you order a Herman Miller Embody, you’re going to get the best office chair warranties in the business. You’ll get 12-year coverage on the entire chair. This includes every part of the chair including the upholstery. If anything goes wrong, they’ll replace the part or send in a technician in to fix it, ensuring that you’re covered for that full 12-year period.

When you order an Aeron Chair, it’s delivered for free and fully assembled to your door. You also get a 30-day period where you can return the chair for a full refund if you don’t like it. One of the perks to having a fully assembled chair delivered to you, is that if you don’t like the chair and chose to return it, you don’t have to spend time disassembling the chair for repackaging. There are very few chairs in the industry that have this good of policies when you purchase a chair.

Build Quality

The Herman Miller Embody has one of the highest build-quality scores that we’ve given to any office chair that we’ve tested. Everything on this chair is high end, from the components to the design, to the unique features that the chair uses like the pixelated support and flexible back and seat rest. All of these are features that you’ll only find on the highest-end chairs in the industry.


The armrests on this chair are comfortable, softly padded, and feature a very large surface area to put your arms on. They also are built with large height and width adjustment ranges. While the Embody doesn’t have the most adjustable arms in the game, they are very comfortable.


The seat on the Embody is one of the most unique and flexible in the industry. The Pixelated Support design is flexible and allows you to move around in the chair while still being supported in a variety of positions. It also features a flexible front edge with seat depth adjustment making it overall a nice seat package for most users. It is on the firm side, which is usual for high-end chairs, but was one chair that most testers in the office liked sitting in.


This chair also tested very well in our office for back support. It has a nice natural curve in the lower lumbar area and one of the most flexible backrests that we’ve tested. It allows you to move and shift while still be supported by the back. While it doesn’t have an independent lumbar support system, it does have back angle adjustment which gives you an opportunity to finetune the backrest to fit your back properly.

Recline Function

Similar to the Aeron, the Embody has one of the smoothest recline functions on the market. It’s great for users that like to rock back and forth in your chair consistently or kick back and relax in your chair in general. Overall, this is one of the most comfortable recline functions that we’ve tested.

Pixelated Support System

There were a few testers in our office that didn’t like the Pixelated Support in the seat because they claimed they could feel the individual nodes in as they moved around, which they found to be uncomfortable.

No Arm Pad Adjustments

While the Embody features both armrest height and width adjustments, you find any pivot, tilt, depth, or arm pad width adjustment with this chair. For those who are using their chair for high-intensive tasking applications, this may not be the chair for you as there aren’t any upgrade packages.

No Lumbar Adjustments

The Embody tested well in our office for overall back support, however it doesn’t have any individual lumbar support systems. This is something that a lot of people find that they need in an office chair, so if you’re looking for lumbar height or depth adjustment, the Embody may not be the chair for you.

High Price Point

This is one of the main reasons people decide not to purchase a Herman Miller Embody. Costing $1,700+, this chair is out of the price range for a lot people or simply just a price they aren’t willing to spend on an office chair.

When looking at the pros and cons of this chair, there are many things to consider when deciding if this chair is for you. It’s not a simple yes or no question, as this chair may be worth much more to some than to others.

What can be said from a pure value standpoint, is the price that you’re paying for the chair, when extrapolated over a 12-year period, does provide a very interesting proposition. You’re going to be able to sit in one of the nicest chairs on the market for somewhere between $125-$150 a year, depending on how you configure the chair. When broken down into a per-year cost, it becomes very affordable when comparing to a low-end chair that you’ll have to replace every one or two years for the same price. You could argue that it may be better to go with a mid-market chair around $500-$600 and only have to replace it once or twice in a 12-year period, but that decision is up to the buyer. If you’re looking to sit in a high-end chair for 12 years, the Embody may be the best option for you.

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