Herman Miller Remastered Aeron Chair: Is It Worth It?

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most famous and popular office chairs in the world. It is also one of the most expensive ergonomic chairs on the market. With its high price point, we are often asked, “is the Aeron worth it?” The answer, of course, is going to depend on your wants and needs when it comes to purchasing an office chair. This blog will cover all the pros and cons that come with buying the Herman Miller Aeron and if it’s the right chair for you.

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Herman Miller Aeron: Is It Worth It?

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Herman Miller Policies

When you order a Herman Miller Aeron Chair, you’re going to get the best office chair warranties in the business. You’ll get 12-year coverage on the entire chair. This includes every part of the chair including the mesh. If anything goes wrong, they’ll replace the part or send in a technician in to fix it, ensuring that you’re covered for that full 12-year period.

When you order an Aeron Chair, it’s delivered fully assembled to your door. You also get a 30-day period where you can return the chair for a full refund if you don’t like it. One of the perks to having a fully assembled chair delivered to you, is that if you don’t like the chair and chose to return it, you don’t have to spend time disassembling the chair for repackaging. There are very few chairs in the industry that have this good of policies when you purchase a chair.

Aeron Chair Build Quality

You truly are getting one of the best built chairs on the market when you buy the Herman Miller Aeron. We’ve tested over 50 different office chairs and the Aeron has received the highest build quality score of any chair. Made in the USA, every component on this chair is very high-end. The parts fit together perfectly, the chair is very smooth to use, and its design is very attractive, enough so to be featured in The Museum of Modern Art. Overall, you’re getting one of the highest end chairs you can get with the Aeron.

Aeron Armrests

Arm pivot

If you get the fully adjustable arms, which we recommend, you’re going to get three-way adjustments. Height, depth, and pivot adjustments all have a very wide range, allowing you to move and rest your arms in your preferred position. While the arms don’t provide width adjustment, the pivot adjustment makes up for it with range and movements that act as width adjustment.

Lowest arm height and tallest height shown

The arm caps themselves are very soft and comfortable to rest your arms on. Throughout our chair testing, they may be some of the most comfortable arm caps we’ve used.

Pressing thumb into arm pad

Aeron Chair Back Support

The Aeron chair is also known for providing a few different options to choose from for solid lumbar support. First, there is a no lumbar option, utilizing just the support from the natural curve of the backrest. You can also get a height-adjustable lumbar system or the Posture Fit SL, which covers a larger portion of your back and gives you depth control to the lumbar adjustment. Overall, the Aeron provides good back support, scoring well from almost all the testers in our office, so you can expect to have good support with this chair.

Aeron's backrest while seated in chair

Aeron Forward Seat Tilt

One added bonus that this chair has that a lot of others don’t, is forward seat tilt. This specific adjustment isn’t used in a ton of applications, but there are people that are specifically looking for forward seat tilt. If you’re looking for a high-end chair with that option, this may be the chair for you.

Aeron Recline Function

The Aeron has a recline function that almost feels like a hybrid between a knee tilt and synchro tilt mechanism that is maybe the most smooth adjustment that there is on an office chair. It’s similar to a rocking feeling, but it’s very easy to get yourself back upright to the full upright sitting position. It has very nice tension adjustment and multiple locking positions, making it overall a great chair for those who like to rock or recline throughout the day.

Aeron Chair Seat

Top view of Aeron's seat

When deciding if the Aeron is worth the money, it is important to note that the seat isn’t going to be comfortable for everyone. The first potential issue is that the chair doesn’t include any sort of seat depth adjustment.  There are three different sizes of this chair, all featuring different size seats, but none of them will have a seat slider or depth adjustment option. This can be an issue for those who prefer the seat to be longer or shorter than the selected size because some people will feel the front edge of the frame on the back of their legs, which can be uncomfortable.

Seated to show side bolsters

Another factor that made some of the people in the office dislike the seat, is the plastic framing around the side. The design sort of comes up and cradles you instead of giving you a full flat experience, so it doesn’t allow a lot of wiggle room or shifting while you’re seated in the chair.

Aeron's seat pan shape

The seat itself is very firm and made from mesh material. While the mesh is soft and flexible, it is a little firm for some of our testers in the office. If you’re someone who doesn’t like a firm seat, this may not be the chair for you.

Aeron Backrest

The backrest on the Aeron isn’t going to be comfortable for everyone either due to the pronounced frame and lack of back height adjustments. Some noted that they could feel the frame on their upper back when they recline or stretch causing some discomfort. Because there isn’t back height adjustment, you can’t move the frame up or down to prevent the frame from hitting your upper back. If you’re someone who moves around a lot when you’re seated, this could be a downside for you.

Aeron Chair Price

One of the main reasons that people don’t purchase this chair is the price. Starting at $1195, even the most basic version of this chair is very expensive. If you get it fully customized, it can cost as much as $2200, making it one of the most expensive chairs on the market.

Using all that information, the question to be answered is if this chair is worth it. You are getting one of the highest-end chairs on the market with the best policies in the industry. It has a superb arm and back package with the best recline function in the game. On top of that, you get unique functions and adjustments that you won’t be able to find on many other high-end office chairs.

The cons that go along with there are also important to look at. The seat and back are not going to be comfortable for every user and the lack of backrest adjustments makes it difficult to fit your body if you’re not seated in the correct size. On top of that, the high price is something that may deter future buyers.

From a pure value standpoint, we are confident in saying that this chair is worth the money. Because of Herman Miller’s outstanding 12-year warranty we can break the chair down to a per-year cost. It will cost you between $100-$185 per year to use this chair, depending on how you configure it at checkout. If you think about that on a per year cost, it’s really not that expensive for a high-end office chair. You can go with a low-end chair that needs to be changed every other year, or a mid-market that will maybe last four or five years that you’ll be replacing twice in the Aeron’s lifecycle. With assurance that the Aeron will last that 12 years for the warranty and the fact that you’ll be using one of the best chairs on the market, we find the value of this chair worth it.


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