How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

Any business owner is trying to overcome the competition and create their own brand of the best online store or production. If you own a website, you have thought about how to design it best. It’s known that the modern market can offer ready-made looks for little money. Therefore, it’s up to you to approach the issue correctly and select the best option. There is no universal advice on how to choose the best WordPress theme. However, several points help to make the right decision.

Now you are on the path of development. There are many suggestions for improving the appearance. For example, on TemplateMonster, readers find excellent WordPress responsive templates. After reading our article, you’ll also understand what questions you need to answer to understand some priority tasks in the future.

What are CMS and the Advantages

If you are still planning which control system is more suitable, pay attention to the proposed one. Recall that the CMS is an administrative panel where the most important work and changes with the online store are carried out.

One of the most popular is WordPress. Here are the main reasons why people often stop at this portal management system:

  • Free. Yes, there are always reasons to expand the optional, but generally, this development doesn’t require payment.
  • Lots of users. If people use it en masse, there is a special secret about its popularity.
  • Long time on the market. Therefore, it has the experience and a history of development. This factor has a positive effect on the result that customers enjoy.
  • Ease of use. Perhaps the simplest CMS among the existing ones. Of course, you can only draw full-fledged conclusions by trying several options in practice. However, user reviews speak just in favor of this admin panel.

Now let’s look at the features and basics of the template’s popularity. This means it’ll be easier to find the answer to how to choose the best WordPress theme.

Reasons to Buy A Paid Responsive Template

The template for the website contains flexible layouts with a ready-made design that is easy to install, and buyers also can edit it. But it’s easy to make this, perhaps only in paid options. Often free developments don’t have instructions. Or the document is present, but it’s so complicated that beginners can’t figure it out. So, this is the first reason – simplicity.

Secondly, based on the above, it’s necessary to attract a specialist and pay extra money. Therefore, the following reason is the economy, even though you pay for the purchase.

Another sign of reduced spending is additional options and bonuses that buyers receive. Among the most important are such:

  • Quality pictures.
  • Included plugins.
  • Additional editable graphics.
  • Endless editing possibilities.

In general, all the products offered on the market have an adaptive design. It isn’t worth posing the question point-blank. After all, the option is included due to increased demand for it. The function is responsible for the portal’s appearance on any device. Flexible layouts automatically adjust to fit any screen size. It doesn’t matter if it’s horizontal or vertical.

Thirdly, the reason to pay money for the paid option is the unique appearance. You accurately plan activities to look favorably against competitors. So, it’s necessary to look appropriate. Note that the hundreds, no exaggeration, download free proposals. At the same time, purchases are made ten times less than people. Add the ability to edit here, and you may create a beautiful and unique design.

So, when you’re thinking about how to choose the best WordPress theme, select the paid option.

How to Choose The Right WordPress Theme – Defining Goals

Establishing the requirements to know exactly if a particular development is suitable is important. They can be conditionally divided into extremely important and additional. Let’s talk about the first one.

Each niche has its specifics. Therefore, to ensure the work, you need not just an appearance but also a certain functionality. For an online store, you edit an order form, multicurrency (if you make international deliveries).

Therefore, before viewing the preview, describe a few points without which the owner won’t get success.

The Better Choice for Functionality

A cool multifunctional example with a lot of features would be Monstroid2. Not only are there blanks for most business types, but all possible options for a successful business are also considered. After reading the description and watching the preview, you truly appreciate the benefits. On TemplateMonster, this development is one of the most popular for online stores. A great option for little money.

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme – Color Matters

Remember that each design on TemplateMonster has several color schemes. Therefore, while watching the Demo, don’t forget about the options from the developer.

Making such settings is easy. You can find the instructions in the attached document.

What the right gamma gives:

  • Underline the corporate identity.
  • It looks right with the logo and the main accepted colors in the brand book.
  • Evoke certain associations. Traditionally, white and blue people use for medical products (see for a good example), and online magazines get a more strict black and white layout ( is a classic in this segment).
  • Capable of awakening emotions. It’s known that certain colors act on a person. For example, red means action and aggression (depending on your use), green calms, and blue give confidence.

So, when you watch the Demo and think about how to choose the best WordPress theme, pay attention to the suggested color schemes.

Solutions for Various Niches

Want a cool portfolio? An excellent choice is Keira. There is also conciseness, rigor, and elegant simplicity. At the same time, the development is full of useful functions for convenient layout customization. Strong black looks gorgeous.

The financial sector, advertising agencies, and consulting are great to buy Kurigram. A solid and strict color scheme makes it possible to inspire confidence and emphasize the seriousness of intentions and responsibility. At the same time, the low price leaves no choice – must buy.

Techno is an excellent solution for the IT business. At the same time, you see a stylish and modern appearance. Cool elements show a modern approach.

The Key to Success is Ease of Submission

This also applies to appearance. Don’t select overly frilly layouts or edit them to achieve this effect. Even if an artist works in a classic style, never overload the pages with ornate fonts and a blurry background.

The general trend in web design is to simplify lines and shapes. This applies to any design’s style.

As for animations and smooth popups, they may be. However, don’t overload sections with effects.

Take, for example, Visitors won’t see particularly intricate plots in appearance. The main message is on the goods’ images. At the same time, the website is the most popular around the world.

The Most Concise Layout

Good looks, Hazel. It has such a simple appearance that it catches the eye when people first view the Demo. It looks expensive and trendy.

Thanks to the large areas for photographs, it became a real masterpiece of modern classics.

SEO-Friendly – Must-have

Along with the adaptive design, now all offers are also SEO-friendly. An important point in the work of everyone is to get their excellent place in the search results. Therefore, there is a lot of work to be successful.

The developers have already implemented some tasks and prepared a proposal, after the installation of which the portal will be ready for further promotion and planned work in search results.

Searching for Flaws is The Main Engine of Development

It seems that the site is perfect, and there is nothing to add? You’re mistaken. Even if it was such before, it doesn’t mean everything is normal now. Times and requirements change, following trends and new technologies.

No idea how to choose the best WordPress theme? Ask your clients. Not directly. Arrange a survey after placing an order or during a conversation with the operator. Ask specific questions about this. For example, instead of what people would like to change, ask whether it’s easy to find a product on the site or whether it’s necessary to auto-scroll to the page’s top. Reading or making reviews are also useful.

Useful Video

You’ll learn 12 more useful and well-established suggestions.


You may find the perfect solution for your activity type if you approach it consciously. Draw a task list and start searching. On TemplateMonster, you’ll get a lot of ready-made proposals.


What are WordPress responsive templates?

These developments provide flexible layouts that are easy to adjust for any screen (laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

How to choose the right WordPress theme for an online store?

Please read the description carefully. In addition to the fact that the Demo should impress, it’s meaningful to have a simple order form, a competent menu structure, a quick view, etc.

How to choose the perfect WordPress theme to create a responsive website?

If you visit one of the reputable marketplaces, you’ll find a lot of offers there. On TemplateMonster, everyone has a responsive design by default.

How to choose the best WordPress theme on TemplateMonster?

Go to the right section and select your CMS. Next, use the filter to create a relevant products list. Make restrictions on color, activity type, etc. TemplateMonster itself sets the correct solutions list.

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