Meta’s next VR headset reportedly dubbed ‘Quest 2 Pro’ — here’s what it may look like

Yes, the alleged name of Meta’s upcoming VR headset is “Quest 2 Pro,” according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a prominent Apple analyst and tech leaker. However, there’s some confusion among tech outlets about whether Kuo’s leak is referencing Project Cambria, the high-end, head-mounted display Meta teased at Facebook Connect 2021.

TechRadar suspects the headset in Kuo’s leak is not the premium headset codenamed Project Cambria, but the next iteration of Meta’s budget-friendly VR line. RoadtoVR begs to differ; it conjectures that the leak is, in fact, Project Cambria. YouTuber SadlyItsBradley (also known as Bradley Lynch), citing sources close to the matter, corrobates RoadtoVR’s conclusions.

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