Most Read articles – Pi IPO, Dyson’s Metaverse, Elektra winners

What are the topics covered this week? There’s the size of the GPU market, the University of Bristol’s quantum engineering, reports of a Raspberry Pi IPO, James Dyson’s Metaverse and this year’s Elektra Awards winners…

5. Nvidia’s PC GPU share growing; Intel’s shrinking
Jon Peddie Research reports the growth of the global PC-based GPU market reached 101 million units in Q3’21. GPUs will have a CAGR of -1.1% during 2020–2025 and reach an installed base of 3,249 million units at the end of the forecast period. Over the next five years, the penetration of discrete GPUs (dGPU) in the PC will grow to reach a level of 31%. AMD’s overall market share percentage from last quarter increased 1.4%, Intel’s market share decreased by -6.2%, and Nvidia’s market share increased 4.86%, as indicated in the following chart.

4. Quantum systems can evolve forward and backward in time simultaneously
The study necessitates a rethink of how the flow of time is understood and represented in contexts where quantum laws play a crucial role. For centuries, philosophers and physicists have been pondering the existence of time. Yet, in the classical world, our experience seems to extinguish any doubt that time exists and goes on. Indeed, in nature, processes tend to evolve spontaneously from states with less disorder to states with more disorder, and this propensity can be used to identify an arrow of time.

3. Raspberry Pi looking to IPO
Raspberry Pi is expected to IPO in the Spring at a valuation of £370 million. Bankers Stifel and Liberum have been hired to advise on a London float. In September, the Raspberry Pi Foundation sold stakes worth £33 million to Lansdowne Partners and the Ezrah Charitable Trust.

2. Dyson’s Metaverse
Sir James Dyson has come up with a new approach to retailing where you can try out products via a VR demo using an Oculus Rift head-set. “We have been harnessing powerful virtual reality technologies to engineer new products in our labs for many years, now we are applying those same technologies to re-invent how people explore our products,” says Dyson. It is accessible via the Oculus and Dyson web-sites. At the moment it only demos hair styling products but it is planning to add more.

1. Elektra Awards 2021 – The Winners
The industry’s prestigious Elektra Awards 2021 have been presented at a Gala Dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, and we can now publicly reveal the winners. Congratulations to all those who made the short-list, in what were crowded fields, and particularly well done to the winning individuals, organisations and companies. You can see the full list of awards below, with special thanks to all the sponsors, without whose loyal support the event could not take place!


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