Nekopara… in moe we trust!

Cats, rabbits, foxes, wolves, horses… if you are a fan of manga and anime series, you will surely hear the word Kemonomimi. Composed of Kemono (獣- animal) +‎ Mimi(耳- ear); this is a specific style that portrays characters, normally gorgeous girls, with zoomorphic elements to create cute hybrids that arouse affect millions of people, not only in Japan but in the whole world. Although we can meet almost infinite types of Kemonomimi characters; without any doubt, the larger and most popular type is the Catgirl!

But, the most ancient example comes from the classical Aesop’s fable entitled “Venus and the Cat”; in which a man asks the goddess to turn his cat into a woman and give birth to a proto moe anthropomorphism. Over the centuries many authors and artists have been charmed by this idea; and they created some of the greatest personalities that become actual pop superstars. We bet that everyone knows Dejiko from Di Gi Charat, Tigra from Marvel Comics’ The Claws of the Cat, Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew, Felicia from Darkstalker, and last but not least the Nekos from Nekopara!

Originally released in 2014 as an adult visual novel game for PC; Nekopara follows the (mis)adventures of Kashou Minazuki, the kind heir of a famous confection maker family, who opened his own cake shop: La Soleil!
Offering a vast selection of chocolates, confetti, candies, jams, jellies, and hot beverages; in a few months, it became one of the most popular patisseries in Japan for two main reasons: the high quality of the products and…. the appealing presence of Chocola & Vanilla, the two amazing catgirl mascots!


Fully equipped with moe aesthetic. Through the years the series has grown hugely in popularity replacing the adult contents of the beginning with lighter aspects to reach the younger generations: which turned it into an actual multimedia project that includes anime, manga, toys, mobile apps, and many other products for the joy of all of us!
We must say that even without the adult features of the visual novels; the Nekos haven’t lost their sensuality. But let be clear this characteristic has nothing to do with the explicitly; it is more about the expression of an innocent “cute taste” that makes them actual idols and visual expression of the moe-fication of these last two decades.

To add even more beauty to our lives, we are soooo happy to share with you a great selection of alluring figures from the Nekopara series!
Chocola, Vanilla, Coconut, Azuki, Maple, and Cinnamon… wearing the traditional maid uniform or stylish Chinese dresses are ready to be part of your collection bringing excitement, hope, and dreams. Unmissable for all the people who prefer a bit of sweet flavor; you can sit down and order anything you want, after all at La Soleil you can get whatever you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t worry, Nekos take care of everything, and now they are leaving the workplace behind to go out in search of some relaxing fun; bizarre, but very cute, they surely demonstrate what the term moe means.
Their cheerful personalities are like fresh breezes; don’t miss another chance to take the catgirls home!


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