OM5 Chair – The Self Adjusting Chair With Special Focus On Its Backrest

We love the OM5 chair. In more than five years since its introduction, we have written several posts about its benefits and how it can help against the “sitting disease.

The OM5 is a smart chair with a self-weighing mechanism that does all the work to adjust to your unique body type. Except for the height adjustment lever, there are no knobs and levers on the OM5. Its self-adjusting mechanism automatically adjusts the seat pan and backrest to your comfort as you move backward and forward in the chair. So effectively the chair’s backrest does not lock and reclines moves and responds to your every movement. 

We are finding out that some people do not like the fact that the backrest does not lock. noe

This blog will discuss the development over the years of a chair design, the problems with traditional chairs, how OM5 is an answer to the problems of traditional chairs and last but not the least, how the OM5 chair, when used correctly will no longer trouble you with its reclining non-locking backrest.

The History And Development Of The Chair

In the beginning, the traditional chair looked like a highchair. You probably have some of these chairs with L-shaped seats and rigid backs in your house. 

When people began to sit longer while working, more focus was made on the development of ergonomically-designed chairs. While these chairs are much more comfortable than L-shaped seats, most office chairs on the market are made the same way.

they have cranking knobs, levers, or dials under the seat to bring the chair to the most comfortable position, which is then locked in place until it’s adjusted.  These office chairs do not conform to the micro-movements of the body unless someone adjusts the handle.

The Problem With Traditional Office Chairs

The problem with traditional office chairs is that sitting in a fixed position for prolonged hours over many years can cause serious problems. Most computer users develop back pain or carpal tunnel from keyboarding while the hands and arms aren’t in the correct position. 

How the OM5 Chair Can Be the Answer To Our Sitting Problems

OM5 Chair - The Self Adjusting Chair With Special Focus On Its Backrest
OM5 Gaming Chair ED-GM-5CH

Thankfully, designers and researchers didn’t give up on developing the perfect chair for extended sitting. The result of this research has lead to the development of self-adjusting chairs. 

Self-adjusting chairs encourage micro-adjustments throughout the day to prevent sitting fatigue. As you move in the chair, the backrest and the seatpan move with you continuing to provide effective lumbar support for your lower back.

Self-adjusting chairs (like the OM5) are more comfortable, and they also help strengthen back muscles. 

The OM5 chair, when used properly, allows users to make small adjustments on how they sit without adjusting hard-to-reach levers or knobs. The chair is based on the idea that no fixed position is good for the body.

Another important feature of the OM5 Gaming Chair is that when you recline, the seat pan does not force your feet off-the-ground. With the ED-GM5-CH, you can fully recline and still have both feet on the ground. This helps blood to circulate better in your feet.

How To Properly Use The Backrest Of The OM5 Chair 

OM5 Chair - The Self Adjusting Chair With Special Focus On Its Backrest

We believe that OM5 chairs are some of the most ergonomically-designed chairs on the market, but some users may have issues about the chair reclining too easily. 

Before you purchase this chair, know that you need to sit all the way back in the chair, where the seat pan and the back of the chair meet. You also need to appropriately adjust the chair height by securing your feet on the floor and setting the height so that your legs are 100 degrees to your upper body. (This means your hips will be a little above your knees.) Watch this video on how to adjust and sit on your OM5 chair correctly. 

Once you have adjusted the chair and sit back in it, your chair will adjust to your body’s natural movements. You will experience less back pain and will not have as much sitting fatigue.


Don’t wait to be in pain before taking your health seriously. Prevent sitting disease and chair fatigue by purchasing a micro-adjusting OM5 Chair today.

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