On Semi’s Bluetooth MCU scores high on low power

Dubbed RSL15, it has Arm’s secured Cortex-M33 processor running at 48MHz, plus Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 wireless.

“RSL15 was certified by the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium,” said On Semi. “The ULPMark CoreMark measures the energy efficiency of microcontrollers used in embedded systems while active. RSL15 now leads its class by attaining a ‘performance’ score of 60.5. Within the ULPMark CoreProfile, which calculates the deep sleep efficiency, On Semi has the top two placements with the RSL10 and RSL15 respectively.”

3V battery consumption specifications include: 36nA sleep (GPIO wake), 81nA sleep (crystal oscillator, RTC wake), 186nA with ADC operating (‘smart sense’ mode, ADC-threshold wake), 1.1μA average non-connectable advertising (5s interval), 1.3μA average connectable advertising (5s intervals), 3mApeak 1Mbit/s Rx and 4.3mApeak 0dBm Tx. ‘Smart sense’ is On’s name for digital and analogue peripherals operating while the core sleeps.

Rx sensitivity is -96dBm (BLE mode, 1Mbit/s) or -94 dBm (2Mbit/s), while transmit power can range across -17dBm to +6dBm. Data rates between 62.5kbit/s and 2Mbit/s are available.

The Bluetooth hardware supports up to 10 simultaneous connections, long range (coded PHY), 2Mbit PHY, angle-of-arrival, angle-of-departure and advertising extensions, as well as being backward-compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1, 5.0, 4.2, 4.1 and 4.0.

Security comes from Arm TrustZone virtualisation and CryptoCell-312 with secure boot, root-of-trust, lifecycle management and secure key management.

On-chip power management includes a boost converter and the IC can run from a 1.5V silver oxide cell or 3V con cells without external active components

Flash is 284k or 512kbyte depending on version, with 80kbyte RAM (64kbyte user + 16kbyte baseband), and there are two QSPI-capable SPI ports.

Aimed at connected devices in industrial and medical applications, the associated software development has sample applications that demonstrate: enabling the cybersecurity, acquiring sensor data in smart sense mode, configuring built-in power management and using its Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver.

The SDK also has drivers, libraries and two mobile apps: RSL15 central for iOS and Android, and RSL FOTA for iOS and Android.

Packaging is 5x5mm QFN40.

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