One I missed: Dual matched low-noise JFETs

Well, TI did in August: the JFE2140.

Its target is high-end audio amplifiers.

Thoughtfully integrated with lots of clamping diodes (12 of them), the pair achieves:

  • 0.9nV/√Hz voltage noise (1kHz, 5mA Ids)
  • 1.1nV/√Hz voltage noise (1kHz, 2mA Ids)
  • 1.6fA/√Hz current noise (1kHz)
  • 4mV max Vgs mismatch
  • 10pA max gate current
  • 13pF input capacitance (5Vds)
  • -40V gate-drain and gate-source breakdown
  • 30mS transconductance: 30 mS

Application circuits in the data sheet include audio amplifiers (for example see above circuit) and a professional audio high-input-impedance front-end for an OPA1637 ADC.

Packaging is 2 x 2mm, and there is also what looks like a single version, the JFE150.

Web pages:

JFE2140 (and data sheet)


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