L1800 DTF Transfer Printer with Roll Feeder,Direct to Film Print-preheating A3 DTF Printer for Dark and Light Clothing VS DTG Printer (A3 DTF Printer +Oven)


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Product Description


PUNEHOD DTF Transfer Printer

PUNEHOD focuses on printing function and results. Built-in Heater-enhanced printing area for better ink adhesion and curing and avoidance of ink-bleeding in low temperature scenariosDTF transfer printer Works for multiple fabric types (cotton, poly, blends and more), and works on both White and Dark Textiles.


White Ink Circulation Function

Automatic ink circulation system can effectively prevent the white ink precipitation plug nozzle and save inkAutomatically realize the circulation of the ink tube to the ink sac, which solves the problem of easy blockage of the nozzle, reduces ink extraction issue , and reduces energy consumption costs


Materials to be prepared for printing: DTF printer, oven, heat transfer machine, PET film, rubber powder (rubber powder needs to be purchased separately)

Pull the picture to be printed into the printing software of the printer, and then adjust the size and position of the picture to be printed for printingPrint mode setting: You can choose white ink printing, color ink printing, or white ink and color ink printing togetherNote when printing: When you print, you need the printer on the front side of the PET film (the side with the rubber powder)Coating rubber powder: evenly spread the prepared rubber powder on the PET filmBaking PET film: Put the PET film in the oven to bake the picture, the temperature is 110°, and the baking time is 150-180 seconds. When all the rubber powder on the pattern needs to be melted, it can be used.To transfer the pattern to the T-shirt, first iron the clothes with a hot press, and then put the PET film on the clothes. The hot stamping temperature is 160°, and it needs to be pressed for 50 seconds.

Note: We prepare the USB for you in the package, and there are detailed installation videos and printing videos inside.

Printer Features



DTF printer

DTF printer



White ink circulation function

The printer has a built-in white ink agitator, which can automatically circulate the white ink from time to time, so that the printing is more uniform and beautiful

Newly upgraded reel printer

Setting the reel bracket can reduce the problem of printer paper jam, while increasing the printing speed and improving the efficiency

Printer auto heat station system

The printer has a built-in heating system, which can melt the rubber powder on the PET film and combine it with the ink perfectly.

A3 PET film Oven







Alarm timer function

The oven has a timer function, you can set the time and temperature according to your settings

Insulated handle

The newly designed oven has a drawer with handles, which can easily bake PET film

Best A3 size

The oven is designed according to the size of the DTF printer, and the maximum size that can be baked is: 300*420mm. Fully meet your needs

Printer Parameters:

Print size: A3

Print head: L800

Platform Size: 300*420mm

Print Size: 297mm*420mm

Printing accuracy: 2880DPI

Ink consumption: 1 square meter/20 m

Applicable system: Windows

Ink supply mode: continuous ink supply, white ink mixing

Color configuration: CMYK+WW

White ink output: support/white color output at the same time

Voltage/plu: AC100~230V/optional according to the country

Equipment size: L66*W32*H22cm

Package Includes:

1*A3 modified printer


1* Printer oven

1*Six bottles inks in CMYK and white color

100pcs sheets PET film

1*Teaching video-USB

Note: Because rubber powder customs clearance is very slow, all packages do not contain rubber powder, you can buy rubber powder in US

Newly upgraded Roll feeder DTF: item contains Roll feeder+ auto heat station ,Reduce the paper jam problem of traditional printers, and improve the printing efficiency and speed
White Ink Management System:White ink “mix and recycle” feature typically to minimize printer head clogs,Greatly extend the service life of the print head
printer supports windows computer system.
Package Includes: 1* A3 L1800 printer ,1* oven,1* software,5 bottles inks in CMYK and white color ,30cm*100m PET film
Best after-sales service: Because DTF is a new technology, we have established a professional after-sales team. After you buy the printer, give me your skype and we will provide you with high-quality remote service

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L1800 DTF Transfer Printer with Roll Feeder,Direct to Film Print-preheating A3 DTF Printer for Dark and Light Clothing VS DTG Printer (A3 DTF Printer +Oven)


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