Reverse Video Search with the Most Reliable Engines

Videos are the most edible part of the internet world. They are the largest media used on the web. The internet is full of all kinds of videos, and you may come across many times that you might be interested in. You may want to know more about the video source and other related information. Reverse Video Search is a tool that can help you find information and related data about a specific video.

While this is true, there are some of these types of services that specialize in getting a specific type of content and the most notable of them are image/video search engines. Which, on some occasions, are integrated with generic search engines.

But hey, besides looking for pictures indicating a certain word, there are other mechanisms to do it. So, the most interesting thing is to search videos by videos and that is why below we give you some of the best tools to be able to do it easily.

Method 1. Reverse Search Video with Google

Google Images is the world’s largest reverse image search engine. It’s capable of locating the source of an image and finding more information about an image.

Although Google doesn’t support performing reverse search by video, it still helps you get detailed information about a video by using a screenshot.

Now, follow the steps below to figure out how to reverse search a video on Google.

Step 1. Play the video you want to search and take a screenshot with a snipping tool.

Step 2. Open Google Chrome and type “Google images” in the search bar.

Step 3. Go to Google Images, click the camera icon, and upload the screenshot of the video.

Step 4. It will a while to do reverse search. When the matching results show, you can click the most related article or video and get the information you want to know, such as the name of the video, the episode of the show, and the name of the actor.

Or click on More > Videos to find the related video content.

Method 2. Reverse Search Video with Shutterstock

Another reverse video search engine is Shutterstock. Shutterstock is one of the largest stock footage websites, which holds around 200 million royalty-free stock footage.

Recently, it launches a video reverse search tool. It has the ability to discover the visually similar video or find a video that aligns with a screenshot.

Let’s have a look at how to reverse search a video on Shutterstock.

Step 1. Take a screenshot of the royalty-free video and save the screenshot.

Step 2. Open the Shutterstock website and click on Footage in the menu bar.

Step 3. Press Search by image and upload the screenshot.

Step 4. After finishing the identifying process, Shutterstock will display all visually similar stock footage.

Method 3. Reverse Search Video with Berify

Berify, a reverse video search engine, can help you find stolen videos and images. With the support of powerful image matching algorithms, Berify returns matching results from Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines.

It offers the ability to find who is using your video without authorization.

To reverse search video, take the following steps.

Step 1. Go to Berify and create a Berify account.

Step 2. Upload the screenshot of your video and click the Search button.

Step 3. Once it finds the matching results, it will send an email to you.


Reverse video search can help you find the source of video or similar videos. 

Currently, a lot of research is done on the Internet, using the major search engines that users usually use. This means that they are considered to be the most visited platforms for carrying out actions of interest around the search for information.

Have you learned about how to do reverse video search? Choose a video reverse search tool and try it now!

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