ROHM’s New Compact Surface Mount 45W Output AC/DC Converter ICs: Equipped with Integrated High Voltage SJ MOSFET

ROHM’s compact surface mount high power 45 W models BM2P06xMF-Z are equipped with an original low-loss SJ (super junction) MOSFET and optimized PWM control circuitry, facilitating the development of 85 V to 264 V AC/DC converters. Adopting a surface mount package supports automatic board mounting, which proved difficult in the past. Meanwhile, the implemented functions ensure compliance with the IEC62368 safety standard, even when the discharge resistor (a source of loss during standby) is removed. Additionally, original low standby power control technology is applied, resulting in extremely low standby power consumption. Supply voltages up to 60 V (VCC) are also supported, eliminating the need for an external step-down power supply circuit.


  • 45 W class surface mount package significantly reduces factory mounting costs
  • Reduces standby power consumption by 90% or more over standard products
  • Decreases the number of power supply circuit components by four along with the risk of power semiconductor failure, contributing to higher reliability

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