Setting Up a Remote Learning Workspace for Kids

This school year, perhaps the best way parents can support their kids who are struggling to learn at home is to give them a dedicated place where they can focus amid all the distractions at home.

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One way you can help your kids to focus better on their school work is to set up a remote learning workspace. It’s important to make your kids’ learning area fun and enticing, regardless of whether their learning space is separate or part of the family living space due to tight quarters

Creating a dedicated workspace for your child will help make their school work easier and help them shift into an education mindset. Below or a few tips to get them set up and ready to learn in areas around your home.

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Create a Landing Spot

Whether the classroom is in your living room, kitchen, or dining room, you have to make some adjustments to transform your home into a healthy learning and working environment. 

Carve out workspaces for each family member. Give kids the privacy and space they need to attend online lectures and do classwork without distractions. 

Find the best space to be their main area for completing assignments and online classes. Give them proper lighting, their own work surface, a chair, and a mouse and keyboard to help them be comfortable. When they’re in this space they know that it’s time to focus on school work. 

While making creative use of spare spaces is a great way to keep work and school out of the main household areas, some families don’t have that option. The only way is to have some spaces do double duty.

You can easily convert under-used areas of your home into mini classrooms. For example, you can build a desk in your walk-in closet or space under the stairs. Install some LED bulbs in the closet and a WiFi extender and you’ll create the ideal private workspace nook.

Proper Furnishings Are Crucial

When kids were first sent home, families were thinking more about how long could they make it work with what they had on hand.  Now families are realizing that they need to at least invest in good ergonomic chairs and flexible desks that will help their kids to sit still and concentrate. Setting up a healthy environment makes learning more enjoyable. 

Who can blame kids for fidgeting when the desk or chair causes them to slouch, hurts their back, and cuts off their circulation? If they have to strain their bodies to accommodate the furniture, they could develop injuries to their growing bodies. The key thing is to choose an age-appropriate desk and chair that can be adjusted to fit the body size of a child.  

ErgoDirect recommends their Neutral Posture XSM Extra Small High-Performance Executive Chair which is perfectly proportioned to fit petite users. 

The high and mid-back options, along with a variety of adjustments, allow petite users to position the chair to their unique preferences. They also recommend pairing the XSM chair with a Fring footrest for additional comfort and support for feet and legs.

Freedom of Movement

The hardest part of remote learning may be getting your child to focus. Adjustable height desks and swivel chairs on casters are the ideal solutions. The ability to sit and stand while your child works has shown to increase focus. Get a chair that allows your child to move back, forth, and sideways and a height-adjustable desk.

Instead of sitting down to watch a class, students can raise their desk, stand up and move around, and view their screen at an appropriate height. Not only does this improve focus and productivity but it decreases the risk of many health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. 

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Decorate And Personalize

It’s also important to get your kids involved in creating their workspace. The more input they have, the more they’ll want to be there. Let your child help decorate the space. You don’t want it to be distracting, but personalizing the space will help them to be more excited about being there.

ErgoDirect has a large selection of ergonomic furnishings that will give your kids a leg up on their distance learning. They offer help in finding proper chairs and desks and accessories for kids based on their height and weight and type of tasks and duration of their tasks. 

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