Social Media Marketing Intern Sarah on Her IZEA Internship

Meet Sarah, a social media marketing intern at IZEA. She’s a University of Central Florida student majoring in interpersonal communication. The 21-year-old Orlando resident is in her last semester of college while working part-time decorating and selling cakes at a bakery. In her free time she enjoys reading and ice-skating! I asked her about her virtual IZEA internship experience.

What made you want to intern at IZEA?

“I really loved their own social media presence. As somebody who grew up on the internet, I saw that they take it very seriously, which means that they would have that same seriousness with their different influencers and companies they work with. Also … the fact that IZEA has been at the forefront of all social media for almost 20 years is really impressive, so I knew that if I wanted to go into the social media industry it would be the place to go.”

What do you do here as a social media marketing intern?

“I help with the influencer lists for coordinators or shadow different campaign coordinators. I’ve helped them write out emails. Lots of helping the campaign coordinators to make their jobs easier so they don’t have to do as much of the busy work and they can just focus on managing a new campaign. Influencer lists are the biggest thing, along with reporting: taking stats and entering them into an Excel spreadsheet to see how well a campaign did so that the company can review.”

What’s it like putting together influencer lists?

“It’s focusing a lot on finding creators. Basically I was assigned to create a list of influencers that (a brand) can use for their campaign. So they gave me different demographics and the type of people they are looking for — whether that’s an ethnic background, age group, location and also follower count — and they’ll use that big list of 30-40 different creators. For example, looking for young men who are ethnically diverse and searching through Instagram and TikTok looking for influencers that fit the requirements. It’s fun as a person who uses Instagram and TikTok to do a research project on it. It’s been interesting.”

What’s it been like being a remote intern?

“Learning about a corporate setting through Slack has been pretty interesting. … Because of the past two years I’ve been pretty well versed in being online because a lot of my classes have been online, so it wasn’t too much of an adjustment. I think it’s interesting having so many different people from so many different places — you really can’t get that at an in-person job.”

What are your goals?

“I would like to work at a company that can provide me with growth opportunities. Grad school is always an option as well. That’s something that I can see myself doing down the line and maybe ending up in a management position, but for now I’m just interested in trying different things out.” 

Do you have any tips for future interns?

“Ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and honestly just have fun. The campaigns are really interesting. You get to work with Fortune 500 companies and influencers that you have been following. Take advantage of the huge opportunities that IZEA provides you.” 

“Also, find other people (at IZEA) in your area. My coordinator does live in Orlando so we got to meet up and I learned so much just from seeing her in person.”

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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