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Steelcase has managed to create a lineup of chairs that are highly touted in the office furniture industry. The Leap and Gesture are looked at as some of the most high-end ergonomic products that you can buy. With that being said, there is a third chair in the lineup that tends to be overlooked because of the success of the other two chairs. The Steelcase Amia offers some of the same upsides as the Leap, Gesture. And even some of the higher-end chairs from Haworth and Herman Miller for a much lower price point. If you’re looking for a great Steelcase product without breaking the bank, this may be the chair for you. In this blog, we’ll cover everything Steelcase Amia.

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The price of the Amia is going to vary depending how you configure the chair at checkout. The most basic version starts at around $680 and caps off at around $1350 if you choose every upgrade option. Some of the available upgrades are on upholstery, frame, and adjustable arms.

  • Width: 26.625
  • Depth: 27.625
  • Seat Height: 16-21
  • Product Weight: 37.25 – 42.5 lbs.

When buying from the Steelcase store or website, you have a 14-day return period where they will cover for return shipping and give you a full refund, however, they may charge at 20% restocking fee. There aren’t a lot of details about when you are charged with a stocking fee, but if you return the chair in its original packing and in like-new condition, it is like that this fee will be waived. To be certain, it is smart to reach out to Steelcase prior to purchasing your chair if you have questions about the fee.

The warranty for this chair is one of the best in the business, right there next to Herman Miller and Haworth. You’ll get 12 years of coverage on the entire chair, which includes the upholstery, foam, and all other components. It’s covered for 24/7 use for users that weight up to 400 lbs., however we wouldn’t recommend this to customers weighing around 400 lbs. because of the dimensions of the chair.

If you purchase an Amia from the Steelcase store or from an authorized dealer, it will be delivered by FedEx Ground fully assembled. All you’ll need to do is take the chair out of the box and remove some plastic wrap and you’ll be ready to go. Because it arrives fully assembled, the box is fairly large, so it has handles on the side which make it easier to move, but due to the size and weight, you might want to have a second person or dolly on hand. A nice advantage of Steelcase sending the chair fully assembled, is if you decide that you don’t like the chair, it’s easy to roll it right back into the box and Steelcase will pick it up for you.

From a rating perspective, this is one of the few chairs that we’ve rated with a score of 90 or above. As a company that has tested a lot of chairs, a score of 90 or above is rare and typically matches with high-end chairs with great build quality. All the components are high-end and fit together nicely without a lot of wiggling or loose parts on the chair. We see 15-year-old Amias that are still being used, resold, and purchased in the market, which shows that they are a very sturdy and reliable chair. This means that your chair is going to last longer and have a higher resale value if you ever choose to sell it. While you won’t see the design aspects you see in a Herman Miller Chair, you will find that the build and component quality are top tier.

Steelcase amia seat

During our seat comfort scoring, testers in our office gave the Amia a 79/100. This score placed the Amia in the top five of all the chairs that we’ve tested. There are a lot of reasons why this chair was so popular in our office.

steelcase amia seat flexibility

For one, this chair offers excellent flexibility in the front of the seat so you can move and sit comfortably in different positions. It also has no hard edges anywhere on the seat and is very spacious to sit in. These factors allow you to use the chair in a variety of different sitting positions including sitting cross legged.

While we consider the Amia seat to be on the firmer side, it is a bit softer than other high-end office chair. If you don’t love having a firm seat, the Amia may be the chair for you. While it’s on the firm side, it is noticeably softer than the seats of the Leap and Gesture, making it a nice alternative to chairs that are over $1000 and have a firm seat design.

The second comfort category that we test for in the office is backrest comfort. The Steelcase Amia, again, scored in the top five with a score of 79/100. When looking at this backrest, you’ll find a mid to high-back design that is quite flexible. The typical Steelcase design allows the backrest to move, flex, and stretch due to the plastic material used.

The lumbar section is equipped with Live Lumbar Technology, giving you multiple flex points and a height adjustable lumbar system. We found this backrest to be comfortable while offering good lumbar support.

A couple things that the backrest is missing in comparison to its competitors would be back height adjustment and lumbar depth adjustment. If this is something you’re looking for in an office chair, this may not be the chair for you.

Like other Steelcase chairs, the Amia performed very well in our comfort testing for armrests. Scoring an 82/100, this chair placed in the top three of all chairs tested in the office. With the Amia, you’re getting the same armrests as the Leap v2. When purchasing, you’ll have an armless, height adjustable arms only, or fully adjustable arm options. We highly recommend going with the fully adjustable arms equipped with height, width, depth, pivot, and unique articulating motion that we find on really high-end chairs like the Steelcase Gesture, Leap, and Haworth Fern.

Overall, even though this is more a mid-market priced chair from Steelcase, you’re still getting the brands best arm package and more arm adjustability than you will on almost any chair on the market.

Another huge bonus on the arms of this chair, is the caps themselves are very comfortable. They are squishy to the touch, soft to rest your arms on, and don’t have any hard edges that can be uncomfortable on your forearms and wrists. Even though these pads are soft, they are also very durable. We see them holding up for many years in the field, just like the soft arm pads of the Herman Miller Aeron.

The way we score a chair for ergonomics is to combine the scores for seat, back, and arm comfort as well as adjustments and average them out to find the ergonomic score. The Amia ended up with a score of 81/100, which is a top three score of all chairs we tested.

This chair features seat height adjustment with an excellent range of 16-21 inches, which fits most people. You’ll get depth adjustment, which is great for shorter or taller users, ensuring that the seat is within 2-3 inches from the back of your legs. You’ll also get a ton of armrest adjustments and height-adjustable lumbar support with Live Back Technology. On top of that, the chair has great recline tension adjustments and an upright lock position.

steelcase amia mechanism

Some features this chair is missing are multiple position lock, back height adjustment, lumbar depth adjustment, and forward seat tilt. There are missing features in comparison to other high-end chairs, which is the reasoning for the $700 price as opposed to around $1200 like the Leap or the Gesture.

While the Amia is missing features that you’ll find on the Leap and Gesture, it does have the same recline functionality. It features a great synchro tilt mechanism that feels great to recline in. This isn’t the best chair if you like to rock back and forth or recline consistently while you’re seated, but it does do well for users who sit in static positions.

When you go to the Steelcase website, there won’t be a ton of options available outside of two different fabric options, some colors with each type of fabric, and a few finish colors. If you want a different color or upholstery than what is offered or a unique finish for the base or frame, you’re going to need reach out to your local Steelcase Dealer for more options.

The Steelcase Amia is a very well-built chair from the biggest manufacturer in the world. It has a very solid warranty, a nice 14-day return policy, and one of the most comfortable chairs that have come through our doors. Scoring in the top five for seat, back, and arm comfort, it’s safe to say that our testers really like this chair.

You are missing out on some of the higher-end adjustments you’ll find on the Leap or Gesture, but that’s why the price of the chair is in the $700 to $800 range and not around $1000 until you’ve got it fully loaded. If you need some of the high-end adjustments, you’ll likely have to spend the money to do so, but there is a lot of value in the Amia at its price point.

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