Survival Adventure Game Breathedge Physical Version For PS4 & PS5

PS4™ & PS5™ – Europe

  • RedRuins Softworks survival adventure game Breathedge physical edition for PS4 & PS5 is coming!
  • The physical version is set to launch on February 25, 2022.
  • Pre-order is now available here at Playasia.


RedRuins Softworks survival adventure game Breathedge is set to launch its physical edition for PS4 and PS5, thanks to Perp Games. In addition, the physical editions will arrive next year on February 25

Dubbed as a hilarious outer space survival adventure game. Get ready to take on the role of a simple guy named the Man, who is on his space-faring journey to bury his grandpa on a remote planet. However, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy. Being the only survivor, he struggles to survive in the cruel environment of outer space.

Moreover, the game features survival mechanics, base-building, exploration, and a ton of dark humor to lighten the mood of an otherwise grim situation. 

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Game Overview

Hilarious Space Survival: Breathedge boasts a wild mix of stunning visuals and an exciting first-person survival experience in the open space, full of grotesque humor.

Collect items, make tools, build vehicles, and more to help you unravel the mystery behind the explosion of the largest space vessel and all its dark secrets. Smooth navigation through space is not without dangers: combat extreme cold and heat, ever-encroaching radiation, and coffin robots out for blood!

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Hence, here are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots.



  • Stunning visuals and high-fidelity artwork, captured in a frozen moment of the colossal spaceship post-explosion scene
  • Breathedge is about Crafting. 1st of all work out how to restock the air supply to venture into space to collect whatever resources are within reach
  • Make your way through the depths of space and its ever-present dangers
  • Explore the nooks and crannies of the scattered interiors and secret areas to find out what really happened to the famous space liner “Unnamed”
  • Play as a guy named the Man, a simple dude who was simply en route to the space cemetery with his beloved grandpa’s coffin
  • Fight your base instincts, the dangers of open space, flying robots, and common sense
  • Includes haptic feedback and controller audio



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