TDA4VM processor starter kit for Edge AI vision systems

Bring smart cameras, robots and intelligent machines to life with the TDA4VM processor starter kit. With a fast setup process and an assortment of foundational demos and tutorials, you can start prototyping a vision-based application in less than an hour. The kit enables 8 TOPS of deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI processing without any hand-tooling. You can unleash high-speed AI in your embedded application only using Linux and industry-standard APIs (TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, TVM, GStreamer, Docker, ROS, OpenGL ES).


  • PerformanceTDA4VM processor enables 8 TOPS deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI at low power
  • Camera interfaces—two CSI-2 ports compatible with Raspberry Pi and a high-speed 40-pin Semtec camera connector connecting up to eight cameras (requires TIDA-01413 sensor fusion add-on card)
  • Connectivity—three USB 3.0 Type A ports, one USB 3.0 Type C ports, one ethernet port, one M.2 Key E connector and one M.2 Key M connector, four CAN-FD interfaces, four UART terminals over one USB bridge
  • Memory—DRAM, LPDDR4‐4266, 4 gigabytes total memory, support for inline ECC
  • Display—DisplayPort with up to 4K resolution with MST support and 1080 HDMI


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