Top 5 Problems with the Humanscale QuickStand Workstation

The QuickStand by Humanscale is one of the highest end standing desk converters out right now. It is very well built, has a sleek design and is easy to use. The QuickStand also has dual ergonomic functionality, an industry leading warranty and a fully integrated wire management system. Although Humanscale is known for making some of the best ergonomic products on the market, the QuickStand still has some downsides. Some of these downsides could make you decide that another product is the best choice for you. This list is designed to provide you with the most common problems so that you can be as informed as possible when shopping for the Humanscale QuickStand.

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High Price

The biggest downside and potential road block for most customers shopping for the QuickStand is going to be the price. At a starting price of $789.00, it is among the highest priced desktop converter options. The price also jumps pretty quickly when adding accessories or upgrades. Going with dual monitors, a large platform and freestanding base will bring the price to $1,099.00. The QuickStand is a nice product so the price can be justified. However, for some people, the price is too high.


For potential users that would love to stick with a Humanscale converter but would like a less expensive option, may want to consider the QuickStand Eco. It features a similar design but the price on the QuickStand Eco starts at $419.00.

Long Installation Process

The QuickStand has the longest and most difficult installation process I have experienced thus far with a standing desk converter. The QuickStand is also the most complicated standing desk converter I have seen. There are a lot of parts that do not come pre-assembled and the instructions are not incredibly detailed which makes for quite a few different pain points during the installation process.

There are also a couple steps, like mounting the keyboard platform and removing the column’s side panel, that require a good amount of physical strength and are easier to perform with a second person.


The last thing that I want to touch on with the installation is that it is not easy to change the cords attached to the QuickStand once you’ve completed the installation. If you buy a new monitor and it has different cables than your original monitor (e.g. going from VGA to HDMI), then you need to remove the side panel, remove tape from a cloth sheath, remove the cord, re-run the new cord, re-tape the cloth sheath and re-attach the side panel.


If you would like to go with the QuickStand but don’t want to perform the installation, then I would look into hiring a local furniture installer. It should take a professional around an hour, which shouldn’t be too expensive.

If you would rather not have to assemble your standing desk, then you may want to look into fixed dual platform converters. Many of those products arrive ready to go out of the box.

Standard Platform is Small

The standard platform size is 28”W x 11”D. This is going to be on the smaller side of keyboard trays for standing desk converters. The tray is made even smaller if you add the palm support that Humanscale includes. The tray is wide enough to accommodate almost any keyboard and mouse but the depth will be a limiting factor. An oversized keyboard, like my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, will not fit on the tray. An oversized keyboard will hang off the back, front or both. The standard keyboard platform is best suited for standard or compact sized keyboards.

The standard platform is not only a limiting factor for your keyboard options. Going with the standard platform means that you have a small amount of task space, if any at all. This will force you to reach down to your desk for any objects you need when you are in a standing position.

The final thing to consider is how close you are to your monitor when using the standard platform. The recommended ergonomic viewing distance is 20”-40”. This is the best distance for reducing eye strain. With the standard platform, my monitor is about 10” from the front of the keyboard tray which puts my viewing distance under 20”, which is recommended for an ergonomic set-up.


The easiest solution to this problem is to upgrade to the large platform. The large platform costs an additional $60.00 but it will give you an extra 6” of depth. This will bring the dimensions to 28”W x 17”D. The large platform will allow you to use an oversized keyboard tray. It will also give you some task space and put you in the range for the correct ergonomic viewing distance.

Quickstand keyboard platform
Quickstand keyboard platform

Noticeable Bounce on Large Platform When Standing

I feel that upgrading to the large platform is a must on the QuickStand in order to get the best user experience. While the large platform gives you task space, an ergonomic viewing distance and the ability to use any keyboard; it also has the downside of noticeable bounce when typing in the standing position.

Humanscale Quickstand Good For Tall users

The platform is 17”D but the support bracket that it mounts to is only 2.25”D so there is almost 15” of the platform that goes unsupported. The platform is also made with thin phenolic. The combination of these two factors leads to a large amount of bounce.


One option to reduce the platform bounce is to go with the standard platform. You will have to accept all of the downsides discussed above but the standard platform will have a bit less bounce than the larger model.

If stability is your main concern, then I would look into fixed dual platform products like the Ergotron WorkFit-T or OFM 5100.

Long Shipping Time

The final problem with the QuickStand is its long lead time. The lead time is 10 business days and it will then take about 5 days transit time. This is quite a bit longer than almost all standing desk converters, aside from products made by HealthPostures and Ergo Desktop. We are in a society of consumers that want everything right away. We get calls every day from individuals and companies that are looking to get furniture within a couple days because they are on a time crunch. The QuickStand is simply not an option for customers that need something right away or do not want to wait three weeks for their standing desk converter.


Humanscale does not offer expedited shipping on the QuickStand but the QuickStand Eco has a quick ship program so, you can go with that version and have it shipped in a couple days.

Final Thoughts

I believe that the QuickStand is a good product. It has a lot of positive aspects and it does a few things better than anyone else in the industry. With that said, I still think it is important to point out the downsides that it does have. It is important for you to decide which factors are most important. The QuickStand will be a great product for some people but it may be a poor choice for others. I hope this article helps you decide if the Humanscale QuickStand is the right product for you.

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