VIVO DESK-V000B Sit Stand Desktop Converter (Review/Pricing)

The DESK-V000B by VIVO is a best seller in Amazon’s standard office desks category with an overall review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The low price point is certainly eye catching but there are a lot of other standing desk converters with low price points that have not become as popular as the VIVO DESK-V000B. I was really curious what it was about the DESK-V000B that made it so popular so I decided to do a full review on the product. Here is what I found through my experience.

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VIVO DESK-V000B Review Snapshot



  • Good stability at all heights
  • Large task space
  • Grommet mount on monitor platform


  • Short warranty
  • Raises minimum keyboard height
  • Not dual ergonomic
  • Limited adjustment range
  • No infinite position lock
  • Small keyboard tray
  • Difficult to adjust at tallest heights


VIVO DESK-VOOOB Manufacturer

The VIVO DESK-V000B is a product that is produced by an OEM manufacturer in China and sold in the USA under a variety of different brand names. It is very common in the standing desk market to see identical products being sold under different brand names and often times it can be tough to tell who the actual manufacturer of a product is.

I am fairly certain that the manufacturer of the DESK-V000B is Nantong Jon Ergonomic Office Corporation. They are a furniture manufacturer based in Jiangsu, China. They produce a large line of standing desks, monitor mounts, TV brackets and TV carts. Some of the other popular brands that sell their  same product include: The Best Choice Products Height Adjustable Desk Riser, ApexDesk GX 36” Desk Riser and Flash Furniture Hercules Standing Desk.


Country of Origin
Specs / Features / Pricing
Return Policy and Warranty
Build Quality
Making Adjustments
Task and Keyboard Space
Wire Management
What I Like
What I Don’t Like
Bottom Line

Made in China

Weight Limit: 37.5 lbs.
Unit Weight: 44.4 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 54.5 lbs.
Overall at lowest height: 36”W x 24.5”D x 7”H
Overall at highest height: 36”W x 32”D x 16.5”H
Base Dimensions: 36”W x 24.5”D
Keyboard Platform Dimensions: 24.5”W x 9”D
Monitor Platform Dimensions: 36”W x 22”D
Cut-out in Front of Monitor Platform: 24.5”W x 6.5”D
Max Keyboard Platform Height: 11.5”H
Max Monitor Platform Height: 16.5”H
Min Keyboard Platform Height: 1.25”H
Min Monitor Platform Height: 6.5”H
Distance Front of Keyboard Tray to Monitor: 16”

Product Features

Sits on Top of Your Existing Desk
Dual Platform Design
8 Height Settings
2 Handle Gas Lift Adjustment
Grommet Mount
Storage Tray
Adjustable Tension

2021 Price – $199.99

Color Options

Black or White

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After months of testing 40+ desk risers, the results are in!

You can return the DESK-V000B within the first 30 days. The item must be returned in the original packaging. You will be responsible for return shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount.


The DESK-V000B comes with a 3 year warranty. There are no exclusions.


The VIVO standing desk converter ships within one business day and then arrives a few businesses days later via UPS or FedEx Ground. The item is packaged very well. There is foam surrounding all of the edges of the product and the unit is securely held into position with no moving or sliding parts inside the box. The box is large and heavy but has handles on each end of the box to make it easier to move. It took a lot of work for me to move the desk and get it out of the box on my own. I would recommend having a second person on hand to help move it into your office and get it out of the box.

The DESK-V000B requires very little assembly. You just need to attach the feet to the base and add four rubber stoppers. Each foot is attached to the base with three screws. An Allen wrench is included to attach the screws so you do not need any of your own tools. The rubber stoppers are adhesive backed and are attached by simply pressing them into four indentations found on the bottom of the base. The total assembly time is less than 10 minutes.

The DESK-V000B uses a z lift base system with the movement assisted by two gas cylinders. The unit uses a very basic tooth locking system with eight different adjustment points to choose from. Aside from the cheap plastic side covers, the unit feels solid. The metal is strong and rigid. It does not bend and twist like I just saw on the InMovement DT2. Both platforms are made from solid materials with nice finishes. The unit moves smoothly and quietly.

VIVO V000B Build Quality
VIVO V000B Build Quality

The plastic handles are sturdy but the technology used to make the handles unlock and relock the unit is among the most basic systems I have seen. The handle is simply a lever to allow the unit to slide into a different locking slot. The build quality on the DESK-V000B reminds me of the Halter ED-258. The unit is very primitive and isn’t the best-looking product. But, it does what it is supposed to do, feels solid and doesn’t have much that can go wrong.

The DESK-V000B has a base that is 36”W x 24.5”D so you will need a desk space with this minimum space to place the unit on top of. The platforms fit within these dimensions so you do not need to worry about the platforms requiring more space than the base, when in the seated position. Since the adjustment pattern moves the platforms out in an arcing pattern as they are raised, then you will need more space behind you when standing. At the maximum height, you will be pushed about 8” from the front of your desk. You will need to make sure you have adequate clearance behind you to accommodate for this lifting pattern.

VIVO V000B Build Quality
VIVO V000B Footprint


The DESK-V000B is large and weighs about 45 pounds. It is not practical to move this unit on and off your desk or from location to location. The bottom of the base has rubber stoppers to hold the unit firmly in place on your desk so you will not be able to slide it around. This is a product that is meant to be placed on one spot on your desk and left there.

To adjust the height of the DESK-V000B you need to press and hold the two handles found under both sides of the monitor platform. Pressing the handles will unlock the unit from its tooth brackets. Once unlocked, you will be able to move the unit up or down. You can release the handles to lock the unit in place. Since this unit has eight pre-determined height positions, instead of infinite position lock, you may need to slightly raise or lower the unit from your preferred height to lock it in place.

Adjusting the VIVO V000B Converter
Adjusting the VIVO V000B Converter

The adjustment process is assisted by gas lifts and the gas lifts are tension adjustable to make it more or less difficult to adjust, depending on the weight you have on the unit. I did not find the tension adjustment to be useful. I didn’t feel a difference between the least amount of tension and the most amount of tension. The unit is easy to adjust from the low to middle positions and vice versa. But, it is very difficult to adjust from the tallest  heights downward. I was really surprised by how hard it was to get the unit to lower from the tallest heights. I had to change my footing and put considerable effort into getting the unit moving downward. I read through the reviews for this product on Amazon and almost all of the negative reviews were with regard to the difficult adjustment process at higher heights.

VIVO V000B Tension Knob
VIVO V000B Tension Knob

The placement of the handles is a bit awkward. The handles are closer to the back of the unit than the front, so you need to reach forward a considerable amount to adjust the height of the unit. The handles are also clunky compared to most other standing desk converters I have tested. The higher you raise the unit, the more you need to squeeze the handles to keep the unit unlocked. It is weird to have the handles spreading apart as you lower the unit, even though your grip isn’t changing.

The strong stability shown by the DESK-V000B was a very pleasant surprise. This is one of the most stable standing desk converters I have tested. The rubber stoppers under the base keep it securely in place on your desk. The front legs of the base have extended feet. These feet keep the unit from moving front to back at all when standing. Overall, the DESK-V000B has no weaknesses. It is stable throughout all stages of adjustment and doesn’t exhibit risks of tipping like I have seen on models like the Varidesk Pro Plus.

Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score
100/100 90/100 95/100 90/100 90/100 75/100 85/100 88/100

The DESK-V000B is going to struggle a bit in the ergonomics department. The first issue is that the unit has two platforms at a fixed distance from each other so it is not dual ergonomic. Dual ergonomics is important in ensuring that your monitor and keyboard can each be at the proper ergonomic height.

The next problem is the sitting position overall. In the sitting position, the keyboard tray hovers about 1.25” above your desk which means that your normal typing posture will be altered. The monitor platform also sits quite high off your desk. The monitor platform has a forward tilted angle so it is 7” off your desk on the back and 6” on the front. This will produce an upward viewing angle for a lot of people when seated. An upward viewing angle is not recommended for the correct ergonomic posture. The keyboard is also awkwardly placed when sitting. The keyboard tray’s front edge sits about 3.25” from the front of the desk it is placed on top of. This forces you to reach forward to use your keyboard while seated.

Sitting Ergonomics at VIVO V000B
Sitting Ergonomics at VIVO V000B

The DESK-V000B has about 10” of adjustment range which will accommodate a standing ergonomic typing height for people up to 5’9”. People taller than 5’9” will have a downward typing angle. A downward typing angle is not recommended for proper ergonomics. It is also important to note that the option to choose between eight heights, instead of infinite height positions, will further limit the ergonomic capabilities of the DESK-V000B.

The viewing distance on the DESK-V000B will be within the recommended 20”-40” ergonomic range for most people. I was about 22” from the screen at standing height and about 25” from the screen when seated.

Standing At VIVO V000B
Standing At VIVO V000B

The monitor platform is rectangular in shape with a large cut-out in the front of the platform. The cut-out is in place to allow the keyboard tray to fit, without extending the depth of the unit overall. Most units that feature a cut-out have done so to allow people to use a laptop on the keyboard tray. The DESK-V000B’s cut-out and keyboard space do not allow for you to use a laptop comfortably. The space is just too limited.

VIVO V000B Task Space
VIVO V000B Task Space

The platform is plenty wide to fit dual 24” monitors or a monitor and laptop combination. There will also be space leftover on the unit to fit objects you will need within close proximity. You will not get quite as much space as you would with a product like the FlexiSpot M2 but you still get usable task space, after adding your monitors.

The material used for the platform feels durable and it has a nice strong finish. It is smooth to the touch but not so smooth that objects slide on the surface. The front of the platform features a small plastic storage tray. This is useful for things like pens so they don’t roll away. It can also be used as a holder for your smart phone.

Keyboard Space

The keyboard tray is rectangular in shape and is made from the same material as the monitor platform. The space on the tray is pretty limited. This is among the smallest keyboard trays I have seen on a standing desk converter. There was not enough space to use my oversized keyboard. It was too deep to fit and too wide to be able to use my mouse comfortably. This keyboard tray is best suited for compact keyboards. Standard keyboards will work but your mousing area will be limited.

VIVO V000B Keyboard Space
VIVO V000B Keyboard Space

The DESK-V000B does not have a built-in wire management system. VIVO does include some adhesive backed clips to help you guide your cords. There is no real danger to your wires as long as they are run off the back of the unit. This will prevent them from being pinched by the z lifts.


The only safety concern I have with the DESK-V000B is the potential pinch points from the z shaped lift design. The z lift design has a few pinch points that can damage cords, objects or hurt someone. As long as you make sure there are no objects or people in the way while making adjustments, there shouldn’t be a problem.


The price on the VIVO Standing Desk Riser is going to be its most attractive feature. At $199.99, the DESK-V000B is one of the lowest priced standing desk converters I have tested. The technology is very basic but the components are strong and sturdy. It is easy to operate through most of its adjustment and has the potential to be useful for a large segment of the population.


The stability on the DESK-V000B is my favorite aspect of the product. Z lift designs are really hit or miss when it comes to stability. I was happy to see that the DESK-V000B was right up near the top of our list of most stable converters. It is very stable at all heights and doesn’t pose the risk of tipping forward, which is very important for z shaped bases.

Large Monitor Platform

The monitor platform provides a lot of useful space for a product with such a low price point. Being able to fit dual monitors is an important aspect to a lot of people. It is also very useful to have extra space leftover for things like notepads, papers or a beverage. The plastic storage tray is another nice little tool that I have only seen on a few other products.

Awkward Sitting Position

I had a really hard time using the DESK-V000B when seated. Having the keyboard tray so far above my desk, while having to reach forward about 4” further than I am used to, was not a position I could get used to. It is not a good ergonomic position so even if I could get used to it, it may have led to problems down the road in terms of muscle strain or fatigue.

Limited Adjustment Range

Having a 10” adjustment range with only eight positions to choose from means that a lot of people will not be able to use this product in the correct ergonomic position when standing. People over 5’9” or people that are in between height intervals will have to compensate for the lack of adjustment range.

Difficult to Adjust at Highest Heights

The difficult adjustment at tall heights will pose a problem for some people. People with injuries, pain, disabilities, low strength, etc. may want to avoid the DESK-V000B if you think you will need to be using the unit at its tallest height.

Small Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray on the DESK-V000B is really small compared to the majority of standing desk converters. Your keyboard options will be limited which will be a problem for people that like to use larger keyboards.

The DESK-V000B has quite a few drawbacks but I can see why it has become so popular. The sitting position is not ideal and the adjustment range is limited. But, it gets you standing for less than $200.00. The assembly is minimal and most of the adjustment range is easy to use. It can hold dual monitors and provides good stability. It doesn’t provide the functionality, ergonomic experience or clean aesthetics that higher priced converters offer but it provides value for people that need a low-cost product to get them off their feet for a portion of their workday.

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