What is a Mechanical Keyboard? 10 Reasons to Switch

Aaand that’s a wrap! To summarize, a quality mechanical keyboard is a worthy investment for many reasons:

1. The ability to choose from a wide selection of switches: A guarantee you’ll find the perfect feel.

2. A variety of layouts: Maybe you want a smaller board, or realize that you don’t need the number pad. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re not stuck with the standard full-sized rubber dome.

3. Type faster and get more work done: The springs within mechanical switches “bounce” your finger to the next press while registering presses at the midway point. Rubber domes require you to push the keys all the way down, absorbing your force and slowing you down.

4. Reduce typos with feedback: Mechanical switches actuate (register) at the midway point, meaning you don’t have to “bottom out” like you do on a rubber dome. Say goodbye to missing characters caused by a rubber dome “partial press.” Tactile and clicky switches provide detectable feedback (feel the bump / hear the click) that lets you know when a key registers. Lost presses are also a thing of the past with Anti-ghosting / N-key rollover.

5. Portability: A smaller keyboard allows you to take your device anywhere. You’re no longer bound to the nasty office boards. Protective case and sleeve options also make transportation easier.

6. Programmable feature and macros: Just because you don’t see a certain key on your keyboard doesn’t mean it’s not there. Change what any key does or program functions within a layer, made accessible by holding down a key combo. You can also create unique shortcuts with macros to boost your productivity or gaming abilities.

7. Ergonomics and health benefits: Avoid unnecessary strain and fatigue by choosing a mechanical keyboard with lighter switches. Split keyboards are a great option for those that desire a more natural typing posture (arms lined up with your shoulders vs hunched shoulders bringing your arms closer together).

8. Keyboard lighting: See your keys in the dark or simply enjoy the colorful glow of static (single-color) or RGB lighting. Many compatible boards allow you to change the colors and effects to your liking.

9. Limitless customizability: Switch out the stock keycaps with another set, use a custom USB cable, swap compatible cases, and more! You’re not generally stuck with the “out-of-the-box” components. For those interested, building your own board with a DIY kit is always an option.

10. Durability: Treat your board right and it might even outlive you. Mechanical keyboards are higher quality and come with switches rated to endure over 50 million presses.

A keyboard is something you use nearly every day of your life. Don’t settle for less and treat yourself to a quality mechanical keyboard. You won’t regret it.

You can click the links below to see some highly recommended mechanical keyboards that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck – stock models ready-to-use, right out of the box:

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